A German Gem

We do most of our grocery shopping at Aldi’s, Big Lots (you wouldn’t believe what you’d find there in the grocery section – or maybe you would!!), and a surplus grocery store that we lovingly call “the smooshed can store” as they often sell dented cans and damaged boxed items.  Again, you never know what you’ll find there too (along with things that are on my grocery list too!).  Recently I found this interesting item that is something from my German past:


Semmelknödel are bread crumb “dumplings” with potato starch, vegetable broth, onion, and other spices. 


Each dumpling is in its own individual pouch – which you boil and let simmer about 15 minutes.


I loved seeing the instructions in GERMAN on the back of the package.  Smile 


^ But the instructions are also translated into English.


Once boiled and simmered, you run the dumpling packets under cool water, and then cut them out of their plastic onto your plate.  They are somewhat “dry” … but


they are MARVELOUS covered in gravy!  Smile YUM!!  A nice substitute for potatoes or rice. 

Best of all, this little German treat for my family only cost $1.25


I probably won’t find Semmelknödel again … but it was fun to share them with my family.

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4 Responses to A German Gem

  1. Nice find! Always a treat to find something from the Old Country. My Family came from East Prussia, with many recipes from that area, but my aunt who settled in Bayern would make these semmelknoedel for my uncle and us. She would also slice and fry the leftovers and sprinkle with Kaese for breakfast! I’m gonna have to make some for dinner soon! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tina Leigh says:

    Sounds good to me!! I know you were excited to find them.

  3. Dackel says:

    I love these! I like to put them in a hearty chicken soup! YUM!

  4. Angie says:

    and to share them with us! : )

    Although my husband is 100% American German I have found that most of their familiy’s recipes originate from Russia (where they escaped through.) I make Veranika’s and Pfeffernusse and this awesome cinnamon gravy to put over waffles. Since we’re rained in for a couple of days I just might have to pull out some traditional recipes and do some baking! (Hopefully, the power will stay on so we can do that.)

    Thanks for sharing; looked fun!


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