In November of 2009, I started a new blog tradition!  I hosted “30 Days of Thanks” … and made several blog friends via a review panel (Mamabzz) I was on and other sources.   It was so awesome, I kept going!  This is my 4th year to focus on THANKFULNESS in November, and I know how much it affects my attitude and so I look forward to it very much:  seeking things to be thankful for every day.

I have been kind of looking back over the last Novembers – there are SO MANY things documented there:

our “bonus blessing baby” pregnancy.

my 40th birthday (that’s been 2 years ago now!! *gulp*!) – and 40 reasons to be thankful.

Annie-Belle’s birthday is in November too!

my random thoughts.

and just ordinary days at home.

It is hard to believe that October is almost over!  I am looking forward to November – and I will definitely be trying to blog daily about all the things I have to be thankful for!

I invite you to join me – if not daily, then occasionally, throughout the month.  I do put up a Mr. Linky each day.

There is always, always, always something to be thankful for!



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  1. Dackel says:

    I so try to find things to be thankful for. I’ll try to do a day here and there.

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