30 Days of Thanks – day 4 – 2012

Today we celebrated one of my greatest gifts:  one of my children – Annie-Belle.  She turned 12 years old today.  A true pre-teen – she is definitely somewhere between being a girl and young lady.   Each day brings us glimpses of both sides of her:   for a while, she is looking at an American Girl magazine or styling her dolls and then she’ll flat iron her own hair and dress up with all the accessories and look all grown up.  Sometimes she takes charge of her little sister and sweetly and lovingly takes care of her for a long period of time – and the next minute, she’s forgotten every chore and task I’ve asked her to do and piddled away her entire day, doing not much of anything.  It is occasionally frustrating to me when she spaces out on me like that – but then I remember:  she’s still a child, really.  Even though she wears some of my clothes and shoes – and is almost as tall as me – she is still my “little girl”.  Isn’t watching children grow up so bittersweet!

God gave me a child with a personality so very different from my own … and while that sometimes frustrates us as we don’t always “get” each other, it teaches me so much as well.  That said, I do love my “girl time” with my daughter – shopping or getting our hair down together.  I hope we can always have that open communication, and I look forward to sharing more with her as she gets older.

Our Annie-Belle is an optimistic, fun-loving, sweet girl who tends to see the best in others or in a situation.  She loves with all her big heart:  her family and friends, those who seem to need a friend, and most of all, she loves Jesus.  I am so incredibly thankful for her!

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  1. Dackel says:

    Mandy and I are so different! Not at all alike. I had to learn to how to be her friend when she became an adult. Mostly I said, “Lord, show me the way!” And he has. Katie was just like me. It was easy to be her mother. I understood her so well. But then I think of how she might have been when she grew up. Would she still have been like me?

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