3Days of Thanks – day 5 – 2012

Today, I’m thankful for God’s peace among uncertainty … for the times when God says “wait!” … for things not always working out how I want them to or in MY timing – but in God’s perfect timing!  (Ok, I’m stretching here – I hate uncertainty and waiting and things not going MY way!!! – but I’m really trying!!  I promise!!)

So, today my husband called about this job he has been offered, ready to accept the position.  AND the human resources lady threw some things at him that we weren’t prepared for – some “changes due to bla bla bla” and some uncertainty about the salary.  As they talked, she recommended he think everyting over until Wednesday since that is how long she can hold this slot open for him; I think mainly because he had so many questions.

The “changes” and uncertainties aren’t horrible – they probably are worth taking a chance on … however, we have to be willing to take this job even IF “worst case scenario” happened.  It is hard to explain – very detailed and complicated.

In the end, I think we’re taking the job on Wedneday … UNLESS God shows us a clear, emphatic “NO” in the meantime and closes the door tight.  That’s how we’ve prayed all along:  “open doors, closed doors.”  This job opportunity is still good … it’s just not “ideal” – does that make sense?  There are a lot more good things about it than bad things (that’s what we spent all weekend doing:  playing pro’s vs. con’s).

And so, I’m thankful to have to wait a few more days on God’s will and plan to be revealed.  I wanted this wrapped up today – but I am thankful my husband is being cautious and logical vs. me throwing all caution to the wind and being totally emotional!  🙂

So, by Wednesday, we will have our answer.  I’m excited … and scared to death!!!  :-O



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2 Responses to 3Days of Thanks – day 5 – 2012

  1. melanie says:

    ditto, my friend.
    “I’m excited… and scared to death” just makes it sound like God’s perfect will! 😀

  2. Mrs. D says:

    Oh I am so with you on this. I so hate uncertainty but am so grateful that my times are in the hands of a mighty God. Still praying.

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