30 Days of Thanks – Day 6 – 2012

Today I’m thankful to be an American … to get to vote “for love of country” today …

It’s probably no secret – even though I don’t really tout my political preferences – who I am voting for and why:  for my Christian values, pro-life, one-man+one-woman=marriage, a “smaller” government, a stronger economy, a competent and patriotic commander-in-chief.

Today I’m also thankful for my understanding family.  I woke up with a migraine, one that has been lurking in my head since last Friday.  I woke up the big kids, checked on my husband, and went back to bed.  What happened those next few hours, I have no idea!  I know at this point my son is DONE with his school work, Annie-Belle is making lunch, and MiMi happily reeking havoc on the entire house.  Yep, just like normal.

Today a HUGE, life-altering decision is being made for our country (I think it will be life-altering no matter which candidate is chosen) … and tomorrow a HUGE, life-altering decision is being made for my family.  So, I will also add I am thankful for the privilege of PRAYER … and that GOD is ultimately in control of everything!!

 (Mr. Linky just doesn’t seem to be working out – not adding it today again!)

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2 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks – Day 6 – 2012

  1. melanie says:

    Mine hit yesterday 😮 Today it’s back in lurkdom. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Dackel says:

    Do you suppose that we have Election day Migraines? Mine came on about 9 AM! I sure feel lousy. Still praying for you and the family, and also our country.

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