30 Days of Thanks – Day 8 – 2012

Today I am thankful I saw something I haven’t seen in almost 5 weeks … something I finally got to see “in the flesh”, if you’ll pardon the pun:  my husband’s left foot and lower leg! 🙂

Today – after 2 surgeries (and one sedation for an ankle-relocation-procedure) and having a crazy “fixiator” sticking out of his leg for 2 weeks – and hours and hours and hours of laying on a couch, of using a walker, and now crutches – 2 boots and various bandages later … Daniel’s leg is finally revealed.  The surgeon was very pleased!  I love the optimism he shared with us today.

When Daniel was first injured, the prognosis was a little grim.  We were told he might never be able to jump or jog or play basketball.  Today the surgeon told him to set a date to play basketball with our son on Drew’s 16th birthday.  That’s almost 2 years from now – but based on the severity of the injury, this is a reasonable recovery time – a full recovery time – a better recovery than we had hoped for!  Praise the Lord.

So, today I’m thankful for God allowing man (as in humankind, men and women) learn and develop an amazing modern medical system.  The things that were done to Daniel’s leg and through surgery were close to miraculous! Of course, the final healing comes from God Himself through the hands of talented, well-educated doctors.

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  1. Glad to hear the recovery is going well.

  2. Renee says:

    Now to get your dh to follow doctor’s orders (never easy for a man)

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