30 Days of Thanks – days 12 & 13 – 2012

Yesterday I participated in Happy Homemaker Monday instead of my Day of Thanks … so today I’m catching up … To make it simpler, I am going to tell you 2 things that I am not necessarily thankful for:

7th grade Math …

and high school Physical Science…

BUT here is what I am thankful for:  that we have chosen to home school our children this year!!  As a novice home school parent, based on friends we have whose home schoolers are doing well, we chose to go with just one curriculum this school year because that is what they do.  In the future, I think I will NOT be doing this – but it got us off to a good start!

I am seeing now which curriculum my children are NOT responding well too.  7th grade Math has both Annie-Belle and I crying daily (or feeling like it!!).  This curriculum uses way too many steps and while it is super thorough, it is just an overload of mathematical information.  I’ve even found that occasionally my memory will kick in, and I’ll be able to show Annie-Belle something the way I learned it in much simpler terms and with far less steps to solve the problem.  I am thankful for Drew, who is a pretty good Math tutor for his sister, as is Daniel.

Physical Science is Drew and my bane in life.  We’re not really Science people, and I feel like this book was written for a young Einstein.  The formulas are mind-blowing, and the concepts are like reading gibberish in some cases.  I don’t remember Science being this detailed.  Again, we’re trying to get the main concepts … but we’re leaving the complicated formulas to the brain surgeons and astro-physicists.  Thankfully too Daniel actually taught this very book in our Christian school a year or so ago, so he can help a lot!

I am already excited about exploring other curriculum for next school year.  Having gone to a curriculum fair already and having a myriad of home school friends, I am familiar with some math and science options we may be switching to.  I’m not crazy about my kids’ grammar textbooks either – but at least that is one of my loves, so I can explain the terms and usage to them.  We’ll be doing Literature after Christmas, and I’m really excited to read some of the stories along with my children!!

Both my kids agree that they LOVE the history (World Studies for Annie-Belle and Cultural Geography for Drew) they are doing with this curriculum (it’s BJU Press, by the way) … and the advantage of having a DVD teacher is that they gets lots of extra charts, information, graphics, etc that I could not provide for them without having classroom resources.

In the end, I am thankful we are learning so much TOGETHER … and sometimes while still in our pj’s as we are doing today!  With my husband’s injury and other situations, it has been confirmed over and over that we did the right thing by bringing our kids home.

God’s been so good to us through all the trials of the last 18 months … and while we still get discouraged occasionally and don’t know what He will ultimately lead us to and through, we know we can trust Him completely.

What are you thankful for today?

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