30 Days of Thanks – Day 15 – 2012

So, in one week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving … I know what I wanted to be doing for Thanksgiving!!  I never get to “host” Thanksgiving any more … not that I ever really did – our families are spread all over Kingdom-Come but once upon a time, I’d set up a mini-feast at our house, just for me and my husband and however many kids we had at the time.  I haven’t gotten to do that in a long time … cook a turkey, peel and boil the potatoes, bake the pies and cakes and desserts, decorate the table with cornucopia-themed napkins and candles.  That’s what I really want to do.

As a kid, we often “went to Grandma’s house” for our holidays.  There were always lots of people there:  my aunt, uncle, cousins, and often my step-siblings.  It was loud and crazy and fun.  The women would cook, the men would watch TV and talk politics, and the kids would go crazy.  I was usually among the youngest and as the quietest, I usually just watched from the sidelines … but what fun to enjoy the show!  My cousins and siblings were hilarious, boisterous, and energetic … except the one who always ended up getting sick.  Someone always got sick.  Weird, I know, but true.  One year, at Thanksgiving, I got food poisoning … so it was me who was sick, dealthy sick, 10 years old and praying to die.

Seems most families have their Thanksgiving traditions and hopes:

So this is the part where I’m going to start out sounding ungrateful, but please keep in mind, I am going to talk myself into grateful … because that’s what I do.

So, once upon a time, my parents thought they’d try to come here for Thanksgiving this year … 620 miles of driving, which gets harder and harder on them as they get older, I know.  Then we thought briefly we were moving to Nashville, and we’d go see them for Thanksgiving since that is only 3-4 hours drive away.  And now we are not moving to Nashville, and my dad is having bone scans and other medical tests done over the next 2 weeks’ time (yes, to check for the dreaded c-word, which no one but my dad is brave enough to say outloud – cancer.), and no one is going any where.

Well, actually, we are going to my in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving again (they live 2 hours away from us).  This is where I start to sound really ungrateful and ugly … but it isn’t intended this way.  I’m just disappointed my plans didn’t work out like I had hoped and wanted.  I’m trying to re-adjust – to BE GRATEFUL that my kids do have grandparents near by.  I’m trying to BE GRATEFUL that we will truly “get away from it all” because we have no internet access at my in-laws’ house, and my father-in-law commands the TV remote, so my husband gets no sports on TV either.   There won’t be any aunts or uncles or cousins or siblings … just us and them … and that’s ok too; I want to BE GRATEFUL for this precious time with them all to ourselves.

Times change … people grow up and move … sometimes we are the ones who forge ahead and get to do exciting things … and sometimes we are the ones left behind.   Sometimes the disappointments come and expectations aren’t met … sometimes we have to sacrfice our wishes for someone else’s.

God wants us to be content and grateful always, no matter what … whether we are in the happiest, most ecstatic, enjoyable of circumstances or just doing the every-day, routine, average … and yes, even when things aren’t working out the way we’d like.  Some people embrace the changes easier than others … apparently, I’m more of a control freak and don’t adapt well, so it takes me a while.  But I’ll get there … and I WILL BE GRATEFUL this Thanksgiving!!  🙂

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  1. I’m also a control freak! I already know what I have to be grateful for. I have started taking control of my own financial life. And my mentally ill roommate (and her unwanted-by me-guest) will be gone by November 30th!

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