30 Days of Thanks– Day 16 – 2012


So, I’ve been in a little of a funk lately … can you tell?  I apologize … I know my last 2 posts weren’t necessarily the most uplifting; based on the lack of comments, either no one reads my blog or my writing fell flat.   I know I was being a spoiled brat … but for a day or two I just wanted to indulge my pity party – yes, even in the midst of a month of thanks!! 

But God brings me back to reality every time I do this!  He takes me outside myself and slams me over the head with His 2×4 … the Word of God and some good, old fashioned conviction … and I realize I am too blessed to be so self-centered. 

In fact, being LESS self-centered is one of my goals in teaching my children!  That is why this year we participated in Operation Christmas Child … which I regret to say we have never done in the past.  Something we have done in the past – at our kids old Christian school – was to send Christmas packages to our missionaries – kind of the same concept. 

Yesterday we went to Dollar Tree, and Drew and Annie-Belle picked out the items for their boxes.  I loved seeing them put so much thought into what a child their age might like … and then realizing there were actually 2 other families in the store doing the SAME THING!!  Smile 


I didn’t tell my children they had to pay for the items we bought … but I did suggest they consider it.  And both kids gave me some money, which again, I hope teaches them it is more blessed to give than to receive!

Believe me, lately, our entire family has been learning this lesson.  How we long to GIVE … but we have really been the recipients more often for some unbelievable and humbling blessings from friends and family.  Yes, we were blessed … but we pray even more blessings on those who have been so generous to us in this time of our need. 

So, today I am thankful for the blessings – of giving and of receiving. 

And I am thankful for the simple things God gives us … like a gorgeous Fall day, probably one of the last where we could go outside without a jacket on:


A new-to-her dress for MiMi … one that is perfect for twirling and dancing and playing “princess”:


A son who works hard and rakes many, many, many leaves (there are lots more in the backyard!!): 


Like I said on facebook, if this homeschooling thing doesn’t work out, at least Drew has learned a skill.  Winking smile 

Working on being thankful in EVERYTHING and for EVERYTHING.

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PS  What are you thankful for?

PSS Here we go again:  Daniel has a job interview today (Friday); it is actually a call-back (second interview), and he is now one out of 4 candidates for this position out of an original 100+.  I’m not giving more information this time because I can’t go through the emotions I did with the Nashville job … but please, do say a prayer that GOD’S WILL BE DONE!!  (<—that is, after all, “the prayer that never fails.”)

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3 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks– Day 16 – 2012

  1. melanie says:

    Mostly lurking like Mrs. D — espec as we hosted a family Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner here on Saturday, so I didn’t have to time to read… let alone comment 😉 Thinking of you often tho!

  2. Mrs. D says:

    I’m sorry to say I’ve been a “lurker”. I have not been able to write much… way too busy at work to jot a note. We’ve had 3 retirements and lots of restructuring. Thankfully no downsizing other that the 3 retirements. One lady had been with this company for 51 years… can you imagine?
    I am praying about the job.

    Love ya’ll

  3. Amy says:

    Praying the prayer that never fails for you and yours today…..amen! 🙂

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