30 Days of Thanks–Day 30 – 2012


This will be a quick ending to my month of thanks – but a GOOD ONE!! 

First of all, today is my birthday!!  Smile  I love ending November and my month of thanks with being grateful for the life God has given me – bumps and all.  It is valleys where we learn and grow – it makes us more thankful when we reach the mountain top again.  We’ve been in somewhat of a valley the last year or so or at least, grasping on the slippery slopes – but God has shown Himself faithful over and over and over.  I’d like to think that despite my occasional lapses into immature whining that I’ve grown through the trials.  I definitely know I’ve learned so much. 

The best birthday present I got today was an email from my dad saying his recent medical testing came back today showing there is NOTHING SERIOUS to address at this time!  As a prostate cancer survivor, he gets regular check-ups, and I am thankful that the doctors are very careful and thorough.  There are 2 suspicious spots on his tests yet … but they will be checked again in 6 months.  We are SO thankful that he won’t be facing any treatment or procedures at this time. 

I am thankful today for my little family here at home.  They gifted me this morning with a few nice things – a new CD player for my bedroom and a scarf that Anna picked out for me.  Smile  I also got sweet cards with sweet words written in them.

Tonight our big kids have ballgames in a town about an hour’s drive away.  A friend is taking MiMi with her to the games, so Daniel and I get a quiet ride to the ballgames since we will go too – and probably dinner along the way, just the two of us.  I am thinking Japanese grilll – I’m in the mood for teriyaki.  YUM.

I am thankful for my blog friends and my real life friends and people God has put into my life – even though who have misunderstood and misjudged me and caused me some heartache this year. 

I will never forget this year – the kindness that so many have shown me and my family through Daniel’s accident and injury and his unemployment especially.  God has used many to bless us and provide for us.  I have kept a list of the gifts that have come in (money and food) as well as the all the cards and notes, and the list is LONG and the love has been abundant and sincere.  Each name a reminder that I am blessed. 

So, Happy Birthday to ME … and Happy Weekend to YOU!

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2 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks–Day 30 – 2012

  1. Michelle says:

    Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a good day! Sorry I missed your month of thanks again, but I am thankful that you are my blog friend! 🙂

  2. Angie says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s wonderful!

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