Just Keepin’ It Real

Drew woke up with a fever today … he’d told me yesterday that he thought he was getting sick. 

Annie-Belle’s tummy has been bothering her since this weekend … and she had a rough night with it last night. She doesn’t feel well today either.

Our Buick has been dead for a while … again.  Thankfully, Daniel and Drew got the battery out and replaced yesterday – and it works!  But do you know how much a car battery costs these days!!

We also had a leak under our bathroom sink … and while Daniel’s plumber friend (thanks to the 2 months Daniel worked contracting!!) got it stopped, our cabinet floor is a mess from being damp for so long.  Do you know how long it takes for a 2 inch thick cabinet floor to dry … and how much mold can grow and how warped it becomes??!  Just ask me, I know.  We are using fans on it and bleach for the mold … but it is slow progress. 

Our cat is still sick … She’s been sick since July and seems skinnier and more skittish than ever.  She now stays in the bathroom (?) all the time, which is weird, but maybe because it is warm.  This is a little sick humor, but when our 17 year old cat died in January of 2008, she wouldn’t come out of that bathroom either.  Daniel says it is the place where cats go to die  (not really funny … just ironic).  :-/

Let’s see what else?!  Oh yeh, the job thing.  Unemployment at Christmas … and I keep thinking “when Daniel gets a job, we can … go to the dentist because we’ll have insurance, fix this-or-that, upgrade one of our vehicles, write that family Christmas letter announcing his new employment …”.  And if you didn’t read yesterday, let me tell you, Daniel was selected for a local job by the interview panel and boss of the section.  Once they sent his name to Human Resources, they were told a disabled veteran had also applied (who did not interview locally – he must live elsewhere), but he gets priority and got the job offer instead.  Again, I’m all for helping our disabled vets get employment, but our non-disabled vets should get equal consideration, in my opinion.

So, today I’m throwing my own personal pity party.  I wanted to do it yesterday, but we had to go to our church’s Christmas party instead … and well, I like to keep up appearances!  I didn’t feel like going – and Daniel’s advice to me was “Pretend like you’re on anti-depressants and feel really mellow …”.  So we went, sat with 2 older couples who we enjoyed talking to, and made it through.  In fact, there was a “White Elephant” gift exchange, and I came home with a cat-watering station that is something I can actually use!! 

Anyway, today you’ll find me in my bed, curled up with my laptop, lots of coffee, probably some chocolate later, and a good book.  Don’t worry about me … I’m going to pray a little and get things talked out with God too.  I really do believe He is in control.  I just need to take a day off from life and its stark realities, get a little perspective, and I’ll be back tomorrow with – hopefully – some new-found optimism and a plan in place to tackle life again.  Smile  Mostly I need to refocus and gain perspective – remember my blessings and what is really important in life. 

I truly believe everything will turn out okay …

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4 Responses to Just Keepin’ It Real

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  2. Tanya says:

    Hey, a friend just solved a big mold problem with this:
    Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray it on and let it dry. She said she did it a couple of times, and it worked. She heard it from a microbiologist that works at UT. Maybe that will help your sink problem without costing much.
    I completely understand about the kitty. I think I am going to have to have Callie put down. I don’t think we can go to the expense that she is going to need. :’o(
    Praying for you!!

  3. Angie says:

    Today was the first day I felt almost back to normal after a week of sickness. It’s such a double bummer during this season. Hope all are on the mend soon, even the cat.

    Sounds like Daniel’s humor would fit in around here. I’ll have to tell my hubby his anti-depressant statement and give him permission to remind me of it. I am such a home-body and hate going out. Once I’m there it’s not too bad, but the dread of it…oh boy!

    Chin up! Chocolate helps. 🙂

  4. Renee says:

    Sorry to hear the kids are sick….. and even more bummed about the job. Hang in there

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