Happy 3!


Our littlest Christmas Blessing turned 3 years old on Saturday!  This child has completed our family so well – and brings fun and laughter to our home with all the cute things she says and the hugs and kisses she gives. 


The 3rd birthday is probably the one where most kids “get it” … what a birthday is all about!  PRESENTS and CAKE and balloons and singing the “Happy Birthday” song. 


I got this BIG present this summer … on clearance …

It was SO hard to hide it in my closet this long because I knew our MiMi would LOVE it. 


And I was right … she LOVES it:  a Little People house that makes noises (doorbell, dryer buzzer, toilet flushing) and a mommy, daddy, and baby to live in it. 


Miriam got some money from my parents … and contrary to her face in the picture, she realizes the value of taking $$ to the store! 


Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, dear MiMi!

Happy Birthday to you! 

Make a wish!!


Annie-Belle was more than willing to help set up the house.  I love that MiMi’s siblings were just about as excited as she was about this birthday. 


MiMi also got a “smart phone” from my parents … and I have to say, this child has a nicer “phone” than I do!!  Smile  Another GREAT toy – well, done, Oma & Opa!   We’ll be celebrating again with Daniel’s parents this coming week.  MORE presents – yeh!!


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2 Responses to Happy 3!

  1. soraya says:

    cute..she has grown a lot..blessings merry christmas

  2. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday to MiMi! She’s getting so big and those look like fun toys my little Peanut would love to play with too. Too bad we don’t live close to have playdates with them! 🙂

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