What We Did This Christmas:

This time of year is a little cRaZy for us … we celebrate MiMi’s birthday, Christmas, and our anniversary in the span of a week!!  Then Daniel’s birthday is on January 1st … and then … we have NOTHING to celebrate until September kicks things off again with Drew’s birthday.

A short re-cap of our last few days is this, for the record:

Christmas Eve, we spent with friends at their house.  They had invited an eclectic mix of people from our church and from their Army life.  And thus, I met a lady who was born in a small, German town where my parents lived for 2 years in the late 80s.  She knew the exact apartment where they lived, over a heating business!  Her husband was stationed where my dad worked as a civilian … a little known Army post in Wildflecken (affectionately called Wild Chicken by the soldiers!), which closed down in 1994.

Anyway, we enjoyed a bon fire and games and FOOD … so much FOOD.

That night, after we got home, the kids begged and begged to open ALL the presents, and being the cool and spontaneous parents that we are (not really – but something got into us this year), we said, “GO FOR IT!!”.  And thus, all presents were opened!  Sadly, my camera battery died after just a picture or two … but you know what?  I’m glad.  I actually sat back, enjoyed watching everyone open their gifts, and no one had to “cheese” and pose for me.  And the memories will be in my head.  At least until I am completely senile.


Christmas morning we work up to little gifts in our stockings … No, we don’t do the Santa thing.  It’s not even that I’m adamantly against it for religious reasons or any such … we just aren’t fans.  I do tell my kids about Santa being based on a real person … and someday I hope to research more and explain exactly who he was and where and when.  I realize Santa can be a fun part of a family’s tradition … but it just isn’t a part of ours.  In neither mine nor Daniel’s families growing up was Santa made a big deal of (though I do know I did write him letters and one year left cookies … which my brother ate!!).   Probably a good thing this year as every time MiMi saw any kind of a Santa at a store or on TV, she totally freaked out and said she was scared.

After a non-traditional lunch of worchestershire-fried chicken, oven-fries, gravy, cucumber salad, and rolls, we cleaned up and packed up and went to Dan’s parents’ house.  The celebration continued there!

I really enjoyed waking up at HOME on Christmas Day this year.  I don’t know why – can’t explain it – but sometimes I just want my little family of 5 all to myself.   There wasn’t time to bake a traditional turkey … even just putting out snowman plates and pretty napkins made our chicken dinner festive.  I hope my kids will remember these days as special days … even if we lack the pictures this year.


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  1. charla says:

    Love it! So glad you all had a good day. And good for you for letting them go ahead and open those presents!

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