So, the new year has begun … this first full week of it is coming up tomorrow … We actually already started back to school last week – but it was kind of discombobulated because we ditched our first day back on Wednesday by going to a nearby town instead for some outlet mall after-holiday sales shopping.  I didn’t buy much – except stocked up on soap pumps I like from Bath & Body Works ($3 each) and a berry wreath from Target for the front door ($6 on clearance for a $24 wreath).  Then on Thursday evening, all of a sudden, Andrew was hit with a stomach bug … thankfully it was short-lived, but he had to miss his basketball game on Friday evening.   Annie-Belle did play volleyball (and actually played very well in her JV game!), and we went to watch her.

So, in many ways, tomorrow – Monday – January 7 – begins my “real” new year (did you know that the German calendar week actually begins on Monday … it’s probably a little bit pagan as Christians consider Sunday the sacred “first day of the week”).  It will be the beginning of a full schedule again, back to the routine, more responsibility and less spontaneity.  More work – and less fun – ha!!

Many bloggers claim a word for their new year … and while I don’t really do well with resolutions and sticking to diets and such, I do want to choose a word for the year for what it is worth:

My word is RESOLVE.  the noun.

a resolution or determination made, as to follow some course of action.
firmness of purpose or intent; determination.

I am SO ready to TAKE ACTION!!  I am determined to get busy.  Hopefully by the end of this week, we will have a bigger purpose of getting ready for Daniel to go back to work soon … to get our house ready … to pack up and clean up and clean out.
Not only that, but you know what I got for Christmas … FAT … I got FAT.  It is time to stop eating the cookies and junk and pretending that it is ok because it is the holidays.  It is time to take some time for a walk or a little exercise or climb the stairs more instead of just hollering up for the kids to do something for me there. 
My husband has already issued the challenge to drink mostly water.  So far, he and Annie-Belle have begun doing this.  I can’t do the water thing very well … in fact, if I could only drink water, I’d probably dehydrate because I dislike it so much.  I have to add lemon or flavor drops – but whatever it takes. 
I am resolved … I have RESOLVE.  I’m ready!
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  2. melanie says:

    Catching up here {or trying to}…
    Do you have any friends who use essential oils from Young Living? The lemon oil is relatively ‘cheap’ — and so GOOD for you. I add it to my water every morning — in a GLASS glass. It still tastes lemony all morning as I add more water. Yum, not only would you enjoy your water, but you could pat yourself on the back for being so good to your body 😀 {Jodi/Granola Mom posted about it back in October, if you want to read her reasons for adding it in}
    {{hugs}} to you, my dear friend!

  3. Sandra says:

    Love your word for this year 🙂

    We’re starting the year today as well, back to school, back to work etc.

  4. Yay for sales! Yay for resolve! I’m praying you get to pack and clean for a move, as well!

    The kids and I are off to a ski resort with friends for the week. Dad’s holding down the fort with all the animals and then the following week he goes to sunny southern CA to see his Mom and we’ll hold the fort! I’m definitely ready to extend the vacation of the holidays, but I have started working on my goals. Give yourself grace when needed! 🙂

    Have a great week!

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