More about “waffle soles”

Yesterday in Hodge Podge I mentioned I had an illustrious, 3-day career as a Shoney’s waitress when I was a Freshmen in college.  And I mean this with ALL sincerity:  my hat is off to ALL good waitresses and waiters.  I could NOT hang … and when I was “let go” after 3 days of training, dumping sour cream on a customer, not remembering who ordered what, and my general introversion kicking in so strongly I had to brace myself mentally before approaching each table, I was relieved and thankful.  I ended up cleaning campus offices on the work-study program for less than minimum wage – with no tips.  But I was much happier, dusting and emptying trash cans of professors’ offices in my own quiet little world.

So, I mentioned the worst part of the waitress uniform was the “waffle heeled” shoes … which unfortunately were not used to their best capacity in the 3 days that I actually wore them!  I think I just made up the term “waffle heel” since I didn’t really know to describe my very utilitarian, slip-proof, thick-soled footwear (required at the time, by the way, by Shoney’s for all waitresses’ safety!).  NEVER SAY Shoney’s did not care …

Well, I googled “waffle heel shoes,” and I guess no such thing REALLY exists.  I did search through waitress shoes, and I must say that they have come a long way in the last ?? years since I attempted the profession.  They are actually CUTE, comfy, colorful waitstaff shoes out there now – unlike “back then” when there was really only seemingly one option – available in brown, black, or tan.

The closest I could find to MY “waffle heel” shoes is this image:

66568900712534175_5y9v4sOL_cAnd mine weren’t even half this nice looking!!  They were just plain old practical … with a waffle-y heel.



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