Sweet Victory!


After biding his time for 2 years on the bench – gaining experience and confidence and growing many inches over the summer – Drew is finally one of the more key players for his little Christian school basketball team (that allows home-schoolers to play with them). 


Our family is among his and the team’s biggest fans!  GO WARRIORS!


Yesterday we were able to go to day 1 of a tournament near St. Louis with our team.  Our team is “young” and often we play against teams who have much bigger/taller, older players, so our team loses … a lot.  And we lost the first games we played in this tournament as well.  In our defense, the second game was CLOSE … ish. 


In the crazy arrangement of this tournament, our team lost its 2nd game, and 15 minutes later had to play its next game!  They actually played a fairly evenly matched team – and our boys somehow found their 2nd wind … and WON!!!!!  44-41


That made for a VERY happy team with a VERY happy coach!! 


And very happy fans.

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  1. Yay! Congrats Drew!

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