Happy Homemaker Monday–1/21/2013


Almost missed today’s HHM … but even though I’m a little late, I am glad I can still join Sandra and friends today.


It’s kindda cold …. 20 degrees.


RELAXING!!!!  It’s been quite a busy day even though it was a “holiday”.


How ironic today was – usually our little house is very quiet – but today, all of a sudden, it seemed like we had constant traffic coming through!  We had one extra kid over already, spending the night with Andrew.  Our day started with the door bell ringing somewhat “early” (for a holiday morning!), and a man from church stopping by with some paperwork he had been promising Dan.  (Thankfully), he didn’t stay long (I was still in my robe and hid in my room!!).  Once he left, another older man from church called (kudos to him for CALLING first!!), who has enjoyed visiting with Dan in these last months that he has been home, unemployed and laid up with his broken leg; he wanted to stop by for a visit and to browse Dan’s books and videos, while he still can borrow some.  So, I got cleaned up and got the coffee pot going for the guys (Dan doesn’t really drink coffee, but he is a “social drinker”.).

As Dan was finishing up his visit with his friend – and I was cleaning up lunch – our young guest’s mom came by to get him – and with her was the contractor who Dan worked for this summer (she had arranged for Dan to get that job with him as he was doing some work for her new house).  Of course, that turned into a nice, long visit too.  This  lady grew up in the city where Dan’s new job is!!  So she had lots of information and hooked us up with her parents, who still live there.

We had things to do – so as soon as everyone cleared out of our house, we got busy … and ended up having dinner out, using a gift card we had, as a reward for our busy day!  Smile


On to the next Cat Who book … #27 or 28!  Otherwise, I haven’t been reading much else.  Just haven’t had the time.


not much!  We did watch the next episode of Celebrity Cook-off on Food Network last night.  Just something silly we enjoy.  I like a lot of the Food Network shows like Chopped and Iron Chef America.

I wasn’t going to watch any Downton Abbey until I had caught up on Season 1 and 2 … but I did get sucked into the 2nd showing of last night’s Masterpiece on PBS!  Oh man, I need to rent or find Season 1 or 2 now!!


This week is going to be busy … I’ve got to do quick meals and crock pot meals if I’m going to keep up!  I have some nice meat for stew in the freezer, so I’m thinking that’s for tomorrow – yum!!


Help Dan get ready to move – lots to pack, organize, and plan.  For now, we need to think about just stuff to get him settled and started … and we’ll be seeing him often, but with starting a new job, there is paperwork to think about and what clothes he’ll need for work and such.  We’re all going with him on Saturday – and will probably stay with him through Wednesday as he starts orientation so I can help him get things set up like internet service, stock him with some groceries, and other such things.


I don’t have anything up my sleeve today that is worth mentioning.  One thing I am thankful I have always done is TRY to keep up with paperwork filing … as we are having to pull certain papers for Dan’s job, renting him an apartment, and other things these days, I am glad I can find them fairly quickly.


I see toys strewn everywhere … As we’ve been busy today, so has MiMi – she’s played with every toy she owns today, I think!  There are also a few more boxes of books packed today!  Yeh!  Progress!!


This is the last picture I had taken on my camera – MiMi taking it easy with her daddy after a long day:



My friend who is in ICU at Walter Reed Army Hospital – who I mentioned last week and probably the week before – is still not doing very well.  There are small improvements in her conditions but also often a setback.  She is still pretty much unresponsive to commands though she does seem to make eye contact when she is awake.  She can’t wiggle her toes or fingers or blink when they ask her to.  She is on kidney dialysis and other things are going on … she just needs  a lot of prayer – as does her husband and 5 children.

I may not get to join HHM next Monday – please think of my hubby as he starts his orientation for his new job that day!!!!  Smile



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3 Responses to Happy Homemaker Monday–1/21/2013

  1. Tanya says:

    BTW, Downton is the only thing we watch since we don’t have cable.

  2. Tanya says:

    We were watching Downton Abbey season 1 and 2 (had seen some of them but not all) up until the day season 3 got started. ;o) My mom got me the 1st two seasons for me in a combo pack on sale at Target, and all of my guys (and girl) are hooked. (Couple of places where eyes had to be closed. Why do they do that??!) I wish you lived closer. You could borrow it.
    Life always seems to throw things at you in bunches……..little bit of “busy” always seems to equal a whole lot of “busy.”
    Miss you!

  3. diarysahm says:

    You DID have a busy day, goodness 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your dinner out as a reward 🙂

    I’ve posted links to the websites where you can watch the shows online, if you want to watch season 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey, let me know.

    Hope you have a good week as you prepare for your husband’s departure.

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