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It’s been a busy few days around here!  But things are “clicking” … God is working out the details.

We’ve packed up a few more boxes … and the cats, unknowing of what it all means, are sure enjoying the perches we are leaving for them to roost upon. 


Pets are great … but they sure complicate the moving process. 

I’ve mentioned before that our little Ella kitty has not been well since July.  She has better days and worse days – and after talking with a friend whose cat was diagnosed with organ cancer, we are pretty sure that is exactly what our kitty has – same exact symptoms and behavior.   It was reassuring to hear from our friend though that it isn’t really a painful thing (which we thought too), it is more of a “wasting away,” which is sad in and of itself.  So, today, I let Ella lick out the tuna cans from our lunch, and I’ll let her sneak MiMi’s milk that is left over from her cereal – and we’ll just enjoy the days that we have left with her.  DSC01644

Ella’s sister Cinder is such a contrast … When you pick up Ella, she’s just all bony and light as a feather – Cinder is solid and plump and downright heavy to heft.  I’ll be sad for her when Ella is gone … but thankful we’ll still have a cat in our lives. 


And then there’s our dog (no pictures here) … I just pray everything will work out for her.  She’s a sweet, friendly, hyper 1/2 Lab and 1/2 husky … and she needs  a yard or land where she can just run free.  We thought we could give her that – but then she started digging out under our fence and getting into trouble in the neighborhood.  Sad smile  I’ve hinted at several friends with acreage, but no one really wants another dog.  I can’t fathom taking her to the animal shelter … and yet, I’m not sure we can take her with us when we move.

Our kids are also already worried about the 2 stray cats who hang out on our front porch, especially in the winter when we leave them a box with a blanket and some food …

I like to remember that God clothes the lilies of the fields and knows when a sparrow falls from the sky … surely, he’ll take care of His creatures that we know and love.


As for upcoming days:

We’ve secured a small furnished apartment for Daniel, which we can move into this weekend.  Actually, because we have to have our own utilities turned on in our name and this has to be done on a week day, I will head to our our new city on Friday to take care of business (ROAD TRIP with MiMi).  Daniel will go to the big kids’ ballgames on Friday night and come down on Saturday with them.

We already have an invitation to supper on Saturday night by our friend here’s parents who live in our new town!  And we’ve already chosen a church we’re going to visit on Sunday.  I’m excited for our kids to see the area and all it has to offer. 

Suddenly, everything seems so real – things are falling into place – and we are excited to see what is in store for us!

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4 Responses to Pets & Progress

  1. Tina H. says:

    Your kitties look like Sweater, one of ours. :^) We have another cat – a 16-year old male calico – who has apparently been wasting away the last couple of months. He probably down to 8 pounds, nothing but skin and bones. We have not done testing at the vet’s – frankly, we can’t afford it – because he does not seem to be in pain at all. In fact, other than the weight loss, he’s doing very well for a boy his age. I had wondered if it is thyroid issues, which I know some older cats can get, but now I wonder if it’s organ cancer, as you suspect with your Cinder. This came on rapidly about two months ago. Does your friend have any more info I might benefit from knowing?

  2. soraya says:

    nice blog mrs connie blessings

  3. Aww, pets are precious. We’re trying to debate owning horses for the same reason – what if we move? Those are hard to get rid of these days. We are borrowing two, but they’re going home next week. We’re thinking of fostering 2 ponies! That would be fun! Good luck on finding the dog a place. Maybe we should pray for a new home for him.

    Hope it all goes smoothly getting Daniel settled!

  4. Tanya says:

    I like your kitty pictures! That’s why I like cats to much……….they are so funny! Anyway, we are praying for you this weekend.

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