Welcome to Arkansas …


On Friday, MiMi and I took a little road trip to get some business taken care of for Daniel’s new apartment in Arkansas while he went with the big kids on one last volleyball-basketball game trip before he is unable to go due to his new job. 

It was a nice, easy trip – about 3 1/2 hours – from our house into Northwest Arkansas, our future home.  MiMi is a good traveler these days, and it was actually kind of fun to just be the two of us.  We sang a lot of Sunday School songs and silly songs since the CD player doesn’t work in my car.  She watched some DVDs and looked at books.   And we stopped once for fuel and snacks (and NO, that isn’t MiMi’s 32 oz cup, that was mine … she likes to eat the ice when it is crushed):


Arkansas is “the Natural State” and we already saw some interesting scenery as we drove across the border. 


First stop was the water company, located in kind of a city hall, to start up our utilities:


We then got settled into the new apartment and went to run some errands and have a little fun looking at animals at PetSmart and playing at the indoor play place at the mall. 

Our first night in the apartment was good … MiMi and I were pretty tired and slept well … and thankfully, the apartment turned out to be VERY quiet.  I’m so thankful Dan has a decent place to stay for now. 

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3 Responses to Welcome to Arkansas …

  1. melanie says:

    Catching up on blogger friends again 🙂
    So happy and excited for this new season in your life!

  2. Tanya says:

    Wow! Scenery IS very interesting. That is probably why my brother said this was one of his favorite areas. ;o) Thankful the Lord is working all these things out for you guys.

  3. charla says:

    What an exciting new adventure! I feel you about no CD player. While CDs were technically invented before my car was created, it seems that cassette players were still the thing. It ate a tape about 5 years ago, so it is either the radio or me singing Veggie Tales to them during road trips now.

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