Like a House on Fire:

I knew this would happen … I was afraid it would … I just shouldda known …

I don’t want to be here in Missouri any more!!  I want to move NOW … I can’t imagine the next 3 or 4 months here, in this house, without Daniel, with SO MUCH to do.12115447392054621007house-fire-insurance_svg_med

Today I told Daniel that I could just torch the house and collect the insurance (unless someone who reads my blog tells what I did!!).  Then we could just live in his little apartment for the next few months and start over, start fresh, start somewhere new.  I’m ready!

However, then I remembered a few things:  how horridly I slept in that little 1 bedroom apartment, MiMi’s travel bed in our bedroom and her tossing and turning and sighing in her sleep … Drew and Annie-Belle making noise in the living room which I could hear through the paper thin walls.  The security light that shines right outside the bedroom window, toned down just a little by a “black out” curtain.


And the most horrid thing that happened the night before we left Arkansas:  the property manager knocked on our apartment door around 11 p.m., saying he’d had a call from the downstairs neighbors that we were making too much stomping noise!  EEEK, apartment living … don’t think we can do it!!  Not for long and not without getting kicked out!!!  LOL


BUT then again, what can be worse than a copier/printer that eats all one’s hard-worked-on W2’s that one has prepared for the 20+ employees that one does the payroll for (that one being ME, tonight) … that alone has made me want to run away … No one report that to the IRS please (today was the deadline to give employees their W2s!) … hopefully the staff will be understanding that I need to track down about 25 more W2, form Bs ASAP.  Good news is my church is considering hiring a payroll service to take care of all this stuff.  Slowly, I can let go  of this job … although, today WAS, after all, pay day, and it was nice to get my tiny paycheck because these days, every penny counts!   Not sure if it is worth it … or not!

My house is a mess today … I have so much to catch up on … I need to get so much done … and starting that fire is sounding more appealing all the time!!  😉


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4 Responses to Like a House on Fire:

  1. melanie says:

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear… 😮

  2. Sandra says:

    I’m sorry you’re feeling so frazzled, I know it’s gotta be hard right now. I probably would be like you, just ready to go and start our new life together….it’s the limbo and the waiting that is the hardest part.

    We couldn’t do apartment living either, no way, no how LOL

  3. Dackel says:

    Wgen we moved back to NH from FL Hubby came first to find our place. He was gone about 6 months and it was so hard. I saw him from time to time, but it wasn’t like a real marriage. I’ll keep my fingers crossed the house will sell quickly!

  4. Ah, yes~we all have those times! My husband never travels for work, but he will be soon and I have already cried thinking about keeping up the farm without him around. Plus, that’s when all the technical difficulties happen at our house – just when no one can fix them! Hopefully, today will be a better day, but it’s sure demotivating without our men around sometimes.

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