Weekend Get-Away:

Since the kids have no ballgames this Friday for a change (only 3 more weekends to go until the season is OVER), we decided to go visit our favorite recently employed guy in Northwest Arkansas …


He’s completed 2 weeks of training now … and has quite a bit more to learn before he is actually working independently in his new position.  He has a HUGE notebook of procedures to learn, which he will continue to study over the weekend.  Daniel has learned his is a brand new position for his facility, so he is going to be sort of a guinea pig … or perhaps one could see him as a pioneer in his field.  Winking smile

Being here in Daniel’s little apartment is almost like a get-away for our family!  Leaving behind the house and all that it reminds me needs to be done is somewhat like a vacation.  Here in the apartment, we live quite simply with just he barest of essentials as far as kitchenware (not even a coffee maker since Daniel isn’t a coffee drinker) and only the clothes we need for a few days.  Laundry is a cinch since there are just a few towels and sheet sets to wash.

And yet, with basic cable and internet service and a DVD player, the kids are entertained … and Annie-Belle is enjoying her Legos that she brought.


Drew’s bed for the weekend is the couch … while Annie-Belle sleeps on a “blow up”
mattress.  MiMi has a portable crib which she barely fits into … but it works!   It’s kind of like camping out.  Smile


MiMi has discovered her very own SPA-sauna in the bathroom …


Tomorrow we will be running some errands for Daniel and exploring the area some more.  I feel bad that the Northeast is being hit so hard with this mega-blizzard … and we are expecting partially sunny skies with a high of 55 degrees.

Have a great weekend … and praying you are safe and warm if you are in the Northeast!

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  1. Sandra says:

    Enjoy your weekend with your hubby 🙂

    I wouldn’t survive without the coffee maker though LOL

  2. Looks like fun! Wish I could take a mini-vacation! 🙂 Have a great weekend together.

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