Happy Homemaker Monday–2/11/2013


Joining Sandra today for HAPPY HOMEMAKER Monday:


It is 34 degrees but SUNNYSmile


Enjoying the peace and quiet … my kids are WIPED OUT after a whirlwind weekend in NW Arkansas to see their dad, so I’m just letting them sleep (oh, how I love this part of home-schooling)!!


What a nice weekend it was!  Saturday we ran errands for Daniel – had to get the oil changed in his car and pick up a few things … later went out to eat at my favorite place, Chick-Fil-A!!  We found the 4th CFA in the area, and this one was surprisingly NOT crowded at all … for a Saturday night at 6:30 p.m.  Miriam and Annie-Belle (as official “helper”) practically had the play place to themselves!  As we were leaving, a college athletic team bus pulled in – and it got crowded real fast! 

Sunday, after visiting the church we had been to last time we were there, I cooked dinner in Dan’s little kitchen … parmesan chicken, California veggies, and salad.  Then I took a nice long NAP, which is a good thing since we didn’t leave until 7:30 p.m. … and got home at 11 p.m.


I finished my Robin Page (really Susan Wittig Albert and her husband!)’s book Murder in White Chapel.  I really liked it – and must look for more of the series!


nothing, nada, nix.


Once I get my bearings, I will need to figure out this week – and what kid-friendly, yet healthy meals I can make this week … It’s gonna be a busy one!


Well, you all know by now – THE USUAL (clean out, sort, throw out, organize, and start PACKING!!)

As well as:

Monday – Theater Class for Annie-Belle (she started this last week; it is run by a home-schooled Senior, who is doing this as her Senior project – she is GREAT!!!  really impressed how organized, polite and FUN this girl is!!).  We’ve decided this may be Annie’s niche’ – since she seems to be more dramatic than athletic!   Drew will be at basketball practice during this time.

Tuesday – Annie-Belle’s volleyball team is off on a road trip … and Drew’s basketball team has a home game. 

Wednesday – Drew went to a home-school chess club last week.  Of the 5 boys that went, only he and his friend actually played chess!  Not sure if he’ll want to go back ???  Otherwise, I now lead our church’s Wed. night kid’s club alone Sad smile since my partner is in Arkansas … thankfully, there are several young adults who help me!! 

Thursday – we may be going ICE SKATING with a different group of home school friends from church. 

Friday – the big kids both travel across the border just into Illinois for ballgames … and MiMi and I will get some one-on-one time!

Saturday – we’ll meet up with Daniel at his parents’ house, which happens to be right smack dab in the middle of “here” and “there” – about a 2 hour drive for each of us. 

OH – and today we are writing up some Valentine’s cards for grandparents, Dad, and a few others … I actually found some really cute cards at our local Dollar Tree! 


My tip to myself today is only this:  JUST DO IT!!!!  I am really good at writing up lists and seeing projects in my head and planning how something will get done … but then I putter around and don’t get much done.  Today I need to just DO IT!


A few weekend bags need to get unpacked.  Thankfully, Daniel has a washer/dryer in his apartment, so we came home with mostly clean clothes


I got nuttin’ …


At the church we visited on Sunday, a man 2 pews ahead of us collapsed!  It turns out he had a very serious heart attack and a valve in his heart ruptured (this is the so-called “widow maker” valve; my father-in-law had surgery on this valve in November 2011 to prevent such a heart attack) … last we heard, his lungs were filling with blood and his kidneys were failing.  They needed those 2 things to be stabilized before they could do surgery to repair the ruptured valve.  He was in VERY SERIOUS condition by the time we went back for the evening service at 6 p.m. 

My friend Amy S who I’ve asked prayer for is DOING BETTER!!!!  SHe is on a regular ward now – whispering and communicating some what … her youngest 2 children (ages 2 and 4) just got to see her for the first time 5 weeks yesterday!!  Her kidneys are still not functioning well, and she has some abdominal pain, so she still needs much prayer …

My blog friend Charla just got some bad news that her son’s cancer may have returned and that he’ll be facing EVEN MORE treatment coming up.  This boy has just courageously faced chemo for leg-bone cancer, and I am sure they are discouraged at this diagnosis.  Waiting to hear what comes next.


Let God’s promises shine on your problems.  ~Corrie Ten Boom



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4 Responses to Happy Homemaker Monday–2/11/2013

  1. melanie says:

    Busy lady, but you still manage to blog 🙂
    Countdown: 11 days until The Banquet. And the guest list is growing! I’d better join your “Just Do It… Now!”

  2. Sandra says:

    Love Chick Fil A and haven’t been to one in many years, now I’m in the mood 🙂

    Hope you get some rest, you have a super busy week ahead.

  3. Tori says:

    I love Chick-fil-a. I haven’t had anything there so far that isn’t just delicious. The only bad thing is we have to go a few towns away to go to the nearest restaurant so when we go it’s rare. LOL
    Sounds like you have a very busy week ahead. Good luck! Hope you have a wonderful week. 🙂

  4. Judy says:

    Chick Fil A is one of my favorite places to eat, only we don’t have them around my area so I have to go south for it 🙂

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