Our Week:

It is Friday!  Finally, a quiet day … well, unless you count the fact that I need to drop off our water and sewer bill payments, go by the bank, go by the post office, and run in Dollar General.  Oh, and later drop the big kids off for their ball game trip.  But really, I consider this a “quiet” day. Comparatively!

This week started with a bang as Monday Anna had 2 hours of drama/theater class with a home-school group.  I think I’m going to use that time to run errands instead of sitting there, chatting with a few of the other moms.  I wrote my lesson plans for the week on Monday … but that felt a little rude as the other 2 moms waiting there were talking around and to me.  Plus the one mom’s 18 month old kep stealing my hi-lighter!

Tuesday night my kids had ballgames.  While Annie-Belle traveled to an away game, Drew had home games – JV and a varsity game.

Wednesday night was our usual church kids’ club … one of the young men who helps us offered to kind of take over Daniel’s spot which I really appreciated as setting up our room involved moving some chairs in from another room and carrying our boxes of STUFF in from a storage area.

Thursday was the day we were all waiting for … or dreading, as Drew was!!  We had plans to go ICE SKATING with another home-school group from church (actually just 2 sisters, their kids, and one friend of each sister and our kids).  Drew wasn’t sure about this since he didn’t really enjoy roller-skating all that much… but ice skating somehow turned out to be easier, especially when you have a support group of friends to hold you upright on the ice:

ice skating

I was the only mom who got on the ice … and after probably 20 years since wearing ice skates, I found that it was kind of like getting back on a horse or riding a bicycle, it does come back to you pretty quickly – but phew, was I tired when we were done!

ice skating2

(my kids would be the two down on the ice in the above picture^)

Annie-Belle and Drew did their fair share of falling … but overall, I think they both improved in their skating … and they want to GO BACK!  🙂

As I conclude our week, I’d like to request prayers for my dad.  He was admitted to the hospital last night after several days of severe abdominal pain and being very sick.  First, they thought he had an intestinal blockage, but further tests have revealed both his kidneys have something wrong with them.  He is supposed to meet with a kidney specialist today to hopefully find out more.

MiMi also has a cold and runny nose and seems a little fevery … but she’s contently playing and after my dosing her up last night with medication, she woke up today and stated, “No more medicine” … so I’m just letting this little cold run its course.  We’re supposed to meet up with Daniel at his parents’ house for the weekend, so hopefully she’ll be feeling better by then.

Have a great weekend!


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