The Weekend Wrap-Up

DSC01865After a busy start to our week, I was SO ready for the snow/ice storm that hit on Thursday!!  We were kind of iced in for 2 glorious days!!  Thankfully, we never lost electricity and really, there was only about 2-3 inches of sleet/ice/snow on the ground.

DSC01869The kids enjoyed some sledding … and we worked hard on school … in between sipping hot chocolate and baking cookies.

By Friday afternoon, we were getting cabin fever.  Dan was due to come home that evening, and the hours until he got home just seemed like they’d be FOREVER.  My car was stuck at the bottom of our driveway, and we had not stocked up on chemical/salt for melting the snow.  I figured I’d try regular table salt since I had a whole container of it … and sure enough, it melted an area in front of my vehicle, to give just enough traction to the tires to get it up our driveway!  Off we went for a treat – dinner at Wendy’s and browsing at the Dollar Tree store.

Dan got home safely around 8:30 p.m. … and my little world was complete again.

Today we spent the day catching up on Dan’s laundry, getting the boys hair cuts, and then Dan and I went on a grocery shopping date.  Believe it or not, we really enjoy this little ritual.  It usually includes lunch at a local waffle place or today it was Steak-n-Shake (yikes, burgers two days in a row for me!!!  DIET TIME!).

To save money on groceries, we shop at a surplus grocery store in a town about 25 miles from us (our town only has Walmart and an over-priced grocery store for those of us who can’t shop on the military post’s commissary – often I pick up some grocery items at Dollar General that we also have).  At the surplus grocery store, the cans may be a little dented – and you’ve got to watch expiration dates on some items … but you can’t beat the prices!!  Between that store and Aldi, we pretty much get everything we need.  Our Aldi has the best produce!!  Last week they had strawberries for 99 cents … this week we got blueberries for 99 cents!!!  YUM!!

Looking forward to a great day Sunday with my family!  Daniel doesn’t have to leave until Monday morning since he has completed his 4 week training and begins his from-now-on shift of 2 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.  After 6:30 p.m. each day, he will be the only person from his crew working on the hospital’s 4 inpatient wards (they do all the administrative work) so he’s definitely “on his own” from here on out.  But he’s ready to get into a routine and get to work!



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3 Responses to The Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Tanya says:

    I shopped at Aldi this afternoon for produce. Can’t beat it for the most part. I have to watch that it is in good condition, but the deals are amazing.

  2. melanie says:

    Quick catch-up today 🙂
    Glad you’ve enjoyed the best of both outings and home, sweet, home!

  3. Dackel says:

    So nice that he got home. I know what you mean about going on grocery shopping dates. Jack and I love to do that too. We are currently snowed in with about 5 inches of snow! Groan! I am so ready for spring!

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