Whirlwind Thoughts


My thoughts have swirled inside my brain all week … so much to do, so many things to plan, and scenarios to contemplate.  The advantage of this state of perpetual contemplating has made the days fly by in somewhat of a whirlwind state as well.

For our family right now, time going by means we are getting closer to the time when our family will be reunited and maybe find some semblance of order again in our new normal.  Until then, well, I plan to just live in the vortex!

And yet, I see progress  … slowly, little by little.   Another box packed, another appointment down, and another phone call made.  Crossing things off the eternal list of to-dos.

So, what have we accomplished this week?  Some was unexpected – make-up ballgames that we only found out about the day they were to be played *sigh* (Tuesday) … then the sad – saying good-bye to our sweet kitty Ella (also on Tuesday) … and the mundane – hair cuts (Wednesday) … and progress – more books packed (from my room) … and endings of seasons – the beginning of our final basketball/volleyball tournament for the big kids (today) … to be continued tomorrow.

I’m not really sure that this is a post worth writing … but it helps me to organize my thoughts and see that despite feeling like I’m spinning my wheels, I am making some progress!  🙂


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2 Responses to Whirlwind Thoughts

  1. Sandra says:

    Connie, every post is worth writing, especially since this is your online journal. You’ll see that one day you’ll go back and read this post and smile 🙂

    Hoping time flies by so you can all be reunited again as a family. Again, sorry about your kitty, it’s so hard when we lose a pet.

  2. sarasamomx5 says:

    😦 So sorry to read about your kitty. It’s such a hard thing to do. Right, but hard. How are the kids taking it?

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