I have a feeling the next few months will be a time of more up’s and down’s … even though we really are thankful that our lives are back on the upswing with Daniel’s new job and the opportunities it affords.  I just know I can’t trust my own emotions, and there will be days when my patience is tried and my faith wavers a little again.

I am just going to take it a day at a time … and be thankful when days are like today – where things have gone relatively peaceful.  🙂

Looking back, we have overcome some incredible hurdles and felt God’s presence and experienced His help in amazing ways.  This past year and a half is a testimony to life not going that way we expected but taking a direction that will no doubt be best for us …

In fact, looking back it was in March 2011 when we got the first hint that our lives might be changing soon … Little did we know then – 2 years ago – HOW DRASTICALLY things would change!!  We had no clue that we’d not only be changing careers and leaving behind a ministry that Daniel loved, but then facing the trials of not only unemployment but also of Dan’s broken leg which sidelined him for about 3 months from being able to earn any income at all.  And yet … so many people have come through so much more – however, I guess when it is your own trial, it is the all-consuming object in your own viewfinder.

Today was kind of an interesting day … I determined to get SOMETHING done in regards to our upcoming move since we had the whole day “off” from any outside activities.  So, I put out a note on facebook that we have some things up for grabs:  a futon, a bunk bed, and a washer/dryer set … oh, and our dog!

Within a few hours, I had found takers for all items … except the dog.  Because we will potentially be living in a rental situation for a while when we move, we can’t take the dog with us.  Besides the fact that any time I go to Arkansas to be with Dan for any amount of time, I have to find someone to take care of the dog while we’re gone.

Penny is a sweet dog, and I’m just praying she finds a good home … maybe even a better home than she had with us.

DSC01954Please say a little prayer that Penny will find a good home SOON.


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  1. Janet says:

    Prayer is an excellent way to find a solution to life’s problems, and as you know, God works in mysterious ways. Here is a potential answer to your prayers: google “no-kill” shelters or rescues close to your area. That way, your dog will get a chance to live a happy life, as one of God’s creatures.

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