Hunting Tadpoles


Yesterday we had so much fun at Wilson Park, we decided to go back today … The weather was so perfect for being outdoors.  It was warm (in the 70s) and sunny.

We also stopped by the Dollar Store to get some butterfly nets and a bucket because we wanted to catch tadpoles in the pond we played by.


There are advantages and disadvantages to Daniel not having to go into work until 2:00 p.m.  Today it felt like we were on vacation, being able to eat a leisurely breakfast and then head out to the park.

20130314_162817We were actually both somewhat nervous about how close MiMi would get to the pond to look for tadpoles … but in the end, it was Annie-Belle who fell INTO THE POND!!!  She lost her balance and fell in with one foot and then buckled and dropped to her knees in the water!  Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt so we could all laugh without feeling bad … and she took it well too.  Too bad we didn’t have the video camera going … we might have won $1000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos!

By the way, we did release all the tadpoles we caught!  It was just a lot of fun to watch them up close, swimming around in the bucket of water.  🙂  Perhaps we can chalk that up to Home-School Biology for the day?!

This afternoon, after Daniel went to work, the girls and I spent 5+ hours checking out all the shopping opportunities around here!  We did take a little break for dinner – but otherwise, we were bargain hunting – and we did find a few bargains at that!   🙂

Sadly, we leave tomorrow – to pick up Drew and spend the weekend with the in-laws … but we’ll be back next weekend for a mini-Spring Break, part II – bringing Drew with us for a few more days of exploring our future new home town.


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3 Responses to Hunting Tadpoles

  1. Sandra says:

    So much fun. I love that you’re taking the time to explore where you’ll be living, so often we move to a new area and don’t really know it at all, even after living there for years.

  2. Tanya says:

    Sounds like a move is going to end up being an exciting adventure for you guys! ;o) Your girls will never forget what they observed in Tadpole Biology 101. Much learning takes place outside of books as well.

  3. melanie says:

    See, the 2nd shift does have its perks! 🙂 Play dates with Dad, then shop til you drop… 😀

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