Another Week …

Time flies … sometimes whether you’re having fun or not!  I am amazed at how fast each day goes by for us right now – and really, I’m glad because it means we’re one step closer to ending this school year, getting our house ready to sell, and having our family back together again permanently.

This week was all about getting things done.  We all went to the dentist (the big kids and me) on Tuesday … Good news for me:   no cavities; Bad news for me:  I have a cracked, old filling that may fall out any time now and then I’ll need to get a crown.  😦  My kiddos have 4 cavities between them – sadly, Annie-Belle has 3 of them.  They’ll get those fixed in 2 weeks.

Today was going to be our fun day … a day off school to go ice-skating with our church home school friends.  BUT they canceled due to the impending snow (which did start this afternoon).  It turned out well for me though because our heater quit working yesterday.  After a somewhat chilly night, I called our HVAC repair guy today, and he was able to come over right away.  While our furnace is old (original to the house), he was able to just replace the heat pump motor and make it work again, although his visit led to discussing other issues our furnace and heat pump have (basically, they should be replaced).  We’ll leave that delightful – and expensive – repair for the next owners of this house.

While I needed to buy a furnace filter at Lowe’s, I browsed and priced laminate flooring and builder grade carpet to potentially replace the 25 year old carpeting in this house.  We may do that before we list the house for sale?

I picked up a few peel-and-stick floor tiles to see if I can put them down in the bathroom cabinet that was damaged from a leaky pipe a few months ago to cover up the uneven, mealy press wood floor.  If that goes well, maybe I’ll lay some peel-and-stick tile on the actual bathroom FLOOR?!?!

I am a little nervous because most do-it-yourself projects that I attempt, I end up having to call for reinforcements to fix my mess!!  I am calling a friend who is a handyman next week to get some advice and estimates on repairs as well.  I wish we were more “handy” ourselves, but we just don’t have the knack whatsoever.  Oh well … we’ve learned a lot in 8 years of home ownership so far … mostly, we’ve just learned that, as humbling as it is, we need to ask for help in the maintenance department!  🙂

Tomorrow I have a farewell brunch for a fortunate Army friend who is moving to Germany soon!  Then we are off to NW Arkansas for a few days to leave the house matters behind us, regroup, and enjoy a few days of a “Spring Break”.


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2 Responses to Another Week …

  1. Tanya says:

    Do you have a realtor friend that could help you make decisions about what to fix up? Seems like I recall replacing the flooring an item to wait on. It is such a personal decision. You might be able to offer a flooring allowance, but I am not completely sure which is the best route to take. I just remember in one house we replaced some flooring and then the new owner coming in and ripping out the flooring we had just put in!!! Yikes! That is one way to make you feel like you wasted money.

  2. melanie says:

    My SIL put the peel-and-stick tiles in my MIL’s bathroom several years ago — I think it’s worked pretty well there 🙂 I’m sure your handyman friend will have good advice/help for you.
    EnJOY your weekend with all the family together again!

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