Happy Homemaker Monday – Arkansas Version


Joining Sandra and friends again today for another edition of HHM:

The weather :::

brrrrrrrrrr … high of 38 degrees here in NW Arkansas … low of 23 tonight!

Right now I am….
Blissfully ignoring all that needs to be done once we get back to Missouri … I am just relaxing with my computer while the kids do mindless things like play computer and video games.  🙂  Isn’t that what Spring Break is all about?!  We’d be exploring some local parks and such IF the weather were warmer.

I am thinking about going to the Fayetteville public library – just for fun (we <heart> libraries!!) since it is HUGE and right by the U of Arkansas.

About the future … I’m ready to move here now!!  I’m fixing to pay the 3rd month’s rent for Daniel’s “little house” (his apartment) the end of this month (for April), that means only 3 more months after that until we NEED to be moving here as his lease will run out!  Some days that sounds like an eternity away; some days, it doesn’t sound like enough time to get all done that I want to/need to get done by then.

On my reading pile….

I didn’t bring anything really good to read … so I’m just reading blogs.

 On my TV…..
nothing here … while Daniel does have basic cable, enough to catch some March Madness basketball games, there is absolutely NOTHING to watch otherwise.  The kids have a few DVDs of old TV shows to watch while they are here.

Blog Hopping….

My real-life friend has a blog about her quest to raise money for medical missions (as part of her 40th birthday “Random Acts of Kindess” plan) … I love reading from this part of her heart – she has written a very courageous blog post here:

On the menu for this week….
While we are here, we’ll be eating our main meal at lunch, as Daniel starts work at 2:00 p.m.  On Sunday, I put a roast w/ potatoes, carrots, and onions in the oven before church, covered it with tin foil, and baked it for 4 hours on 250 degrees.  It was AMAZINGLY good!!  🙂  Probably since we haven’t had roast in a long time.

Today I baked more potatoes (red ones with skin still on – drizzle w/ butter and olive oil), and we had bratwurst.

Daniel has ground beef in his freezer and a Gyro mix from Aldi so that will make up our meals the next 2 days.  We go back to Missouri on Wednesday afternoon.  😦

On my to do list….
I will be cleaning Daniel’s little apartment today and tomorrow before we go.  We found a small vacuum at Goodwill for $4, and I just got a mop and bucket at a dollar store.  Man, housekeeping is EASY when one only has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.  🙂

I’m doing laundry today – sheets, towels, etc.  My housekeeping list is wonderfully short here!!  🙂

Looking forward to this week….
Continuing to explore Northwest Arkansas.  I really am loving this area!!!  Reminds me so much of “home”, East Tennessee, particularly another college town:  Knoxville.

Looking around the house….
I am really liking this “simple living” – it is amazing what all you can get along without!!  There is no extra clutter around Daniel’s apartment (although he has gotten himself an old bookcase at Goodwill and is starting to fill it up – he doesn’t consider that clutter, though).  We are all perfectly relaxed and happy here without all our STUFF.  Just as long as I have internet access, I’m good.  🙂

From the camera….

Crystal Bridges (Art) Museum, Bentonville, AR

Crystal Bridges 1

Prayer Requests….

Actually a praise – one of my dad’s recent medical tests came back fine – except a polyp removed from his intestine is being tested for cancer although it is doubtful it is.

A friend from Missouri found out there was cancer in her thyroid, and she is having it removed soon.  She’s survived breast cancer, so we’re hopeful she will easily defeat this too!

Continuing to pray for Harrison, a blog friend’s son undergoing some cancer treatments.

Devotional Thought….



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3 Responses to Happy Homemaker Monday – Arkansas Version

  1. Tori says:

    We are in the process of removing clutter. We seem to accumulate it every year and while it’s so hard to get rid of stuff, it feels so good once things are more simple.
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Sandra says:

    It’s so true, we think we can’t live without all the clutter, but when forced to do so, it’s actually amazing how much we enjoy it. Quite freeing.

    3 months will fly by for you. 🙂

  3. melanie says:

    Glad you’re having a good time — in spite of the late winter weather. I’m sure the library has some reading material for you 😉

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