The Progress that Wasn’t …


We have 2 friends here who have connections to Northwest Arkansas … both through their parents/in-laws.  As it is Easter weekend, our one friend offered to take a trailer of our stuff down to store in AR when he went to see his mother-in-law in a nearby town … Well, we cleared out half of our garage – got boxes packed on the trailer (guess what’s in those boxes!).  I was SO excited.

Meanwhile, between Daniel and I, we were able to coordinate to rent a storage unit (at a “special rate” … I’m sure they say that to every inquiry!) right around the corner from Daniel’s apartment.  Things were looking GREAT … I was excited.  Drew was going to ride with our friend (and his sons) to NW Arkansas and ride home with Daniel Saturday.  It was all planned.

But you know what they say about “best laid plans”?   Yep, the load was too heavy (those were BOOKS in all those boxes on the trailer) … and the tires got too hot driving down the interstate, and eventually, a tire blew out.  On the spare, our friend took the trailer back to his house and parked it his garage.  😦

Oh well, on the bright side, Drew still rode down to Arkansas anyway and will keep his dad company on the ride home tomorrow (Saturday).  No one was hurt – and thankfully, our friend had a spare tire to put on his trailer.  Our book boxes are safe and secure – just in someone else’s garage … AND we now have an empty storage unit that we can slowly start filling up over time.

In notes of interest or curiosity … Annie-Belle went to a scavenger hunt birthday party at our local Goodwill ( a genius idea – more about that later!) … and Goodwill had just bought out a lot of Arkansas shirts to sell.  I don’t think they were selling very well here in Missouri (whose university is now an SEC rival of Arkansas).  I think the ladies were pretty happy when I bought 4 shirts!  May as well get into the spirit!


There’s lots of more swirly thoughts in my head (not as heavy ones as the other day – which, by the way, THANK YOU for the wonderful, support comments – It is so reassuring to know I’m not just “out there” in my thoughts – either that or we’re ALL crazy together??!?!?!).  😉

I did put peel-and-stick floor tiles in the bathroom cabinet floor last night … and it turned out great!  Those things are super easy to work with.  Next project:  putting them on my bathroom floor???!!  I’m a little scared as my DIY projects generally never turn out as easy and as well as I hope they will!!

I called our friend who is a contractor today too … He is busy for the next 2 weeks – but after that, I hope we’ll be seeing some PROGRESS on fixing up this house to get it on the market!  🙂  This man grew up in the house across the street (built the same year as ours, 1988) and just fixed it up for his parents to sell it (and they got their asking price!).  He flips homes for a living – AND he is a Baptist preacher – so we’re thankful and hopeful for a good, honest “contractor” to work with coming up!

So, life is full of set-backs sometimes … like flat tires on trailers … but there is always, always something to be thankful for and look forward to.  God’s timing is always perfect, and things will happen as they need to.

Meanwhile, my girls have dyed Easter eggs, and I am thinking about Easter dinner with my little family and celebrating the Resurrection with them this Sunday.  And for that, I’m incredibly thankful indeed.


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  1. melanie says:

    Oh bummer about the blown tire! But I am happy to hear every thing as well as every one survived the incident in good shape.
    A scavenger hunt at a Good Will store does sound like a fun party 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

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