Another Day in My Life:

My day started like this (not word-for-word because I was too groggy to register the exact context):

“Your car is broken!! Did you know your car is broken!!? I think your car is broken!” … That was my husband hollering at me before he had to leave to go to an early morning dentist appointment after which he needed to get back to NW Arkansas to be at work later today.

I can’t say I knew my car was broken … but as I started coming to a more cognitive state, I remembered that I had let MiMi play in the car a little while after we’d gotten home from church on Easter Sunday – she was sitting in the driver’s seat, pretending to drive. I should have known better … for those of you who have followed my blog a while or know me in real life, you might remember how MiMi killed our car this past summer.

Upon inspection, I saw the windows on the car were still rolled down, the glove compartment was open (and that makes a light go on and stay on until you close it!), and the stick that controls the windshield wipers was kind of just dangling on a wire.  At first, I envisioned the worst case – a $$$$$ repair … and no vehicle for the week.
Daniel had to get to the dentist, so he left me standing in the driveway in my robe, not sure if I was on the verge of crying or screaming or maybe just beating my head on the wall for having let MiMi do it again.

Normally, I would have gone in the house, had a cup of coffee, and read my Bible.  But today, of all days, I had to be fasting because I would be having blood drawn later to check my triglyceride levels.  Cruel April Fool’s joke from fate??!


I did call the car rental place, and ordered a car for the week, just in case.  Meanwhile, Daniel came home from the dentist – he hooked his car battery to mine – and the old Buick brought my little Saturn back to life!!   Meanwhile, I fiddled with the broken windshield wiper stick … and thankfully after some artful arranging, things clicked and the windshield wipers all worked again!  🙂

Of course, this was the day that Annie-Belle had to be at a friend’s house by 10 a.m., and I had a doctor appointment at 11:30 in a town 60 miles away (I know that seems crazy to drive that far to see a doctor … but I have been going to this doctor for many years through many issues, and he was there for me when I first was pregnant with MiMi – he is my cheerleader for being/getting healthy more than worrying about me being overweight).

Today my blood pressure was super high … 150/90 at initial reading.  😦  Given the stressful morning I had, I wasn’t surprised.  I could literally hear the blood coursing through my head … and really, the last 2 years have found me feeling that way often.

I also have a lovely case of bi-lateral conjunctivitis … yep, pink eye.

Otherwise, I had my annual exam, got some migraine meds refilled, and had my blood drawn.

The best part of my day (after that first bite of food after my blood draw!) was driving all by myself to the doctor (maybe that’s why I chose a doc 60 miles away), just me and Jesus in my car.  I have a lot to be thinking about right now, and the quote “Have you prayed about it as much as you’ve talked about it” has really convicted me lately.

I picked up MiMi and headed to the park, where I was to pick up Annie-Belle after her theater class commenced there.  It was nice to walk the park with 2 other mothers … one of whom is my friend who is doing 40 days of “Random Acts of Kindness” – and guess what?  Today was MY TURN to be on the receiving end!!  🙂  It was a little inadvertent how I was chosen … however, God may have re-arranged things just for me to get a little treat after such a crazy start.  🙂

I have never been so happy to just be home tonight … and tomorrow, other than one short appointment, I plan to do much of the same.  Maybe my blood pressure will go down!?


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4 Responses to Another Day in My Life:

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  2. Sara Heer says:

    Yeah, I do believe that God worked out your friend’s plans. And I really think you need to make sure MiMi moves to a city where she can walk to where she needs to go or take public transportation when she grows up. I can’t even imagine what she’ll do when she gets to driving age. 😀

  3. charla says:

    I just love reading about your days. Hope you are chilling out as I type this. You also won that Janet’s Planet DVD, BTW. 🙂

    Thank you so very much for sending Harrison that card. That was just awesome!

  4. melanie says:

    Oh dear, what a day you had! 😮

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