Happy Homemaker Monday – 4/8/2013


Joining Sandra today (albeit a little LATE in the day) for Happy Homemaker Monday.


wonderful!!  It is 6:15 p.m. and I am sitting on my front porch, watching Miriam play in the yard.


Tired.  We had a wonderful weekend … but I did something I rarely do:  I left for a weekend trip and left my house in CHAOS!  I hate coming home to a trashed house 😦   But with my car problems on Wednesday/Thursday (having to negotiate tow service, car repair, and a rental car) and laying floor tiles until midnight on Thursday, I knew I’d have to choose between packing and leaving on time for my trip OR cleaning the house (doing both was NOT in the cards!!).


The next few weeks and months are going to be on-going chaos.  Right now we are boxing up everything we don’t need (in anticipation of an upcoming move to another state).  The thing is:  we have no idea what we are getting into when we move and if we’ll need to put some of our stuff in storage for a few years until we can buy another house.  We are pretty sure we are renting our next house for a while, but not sure how big or how small of a home we’re getting for what we can(‘t) afford right now.  So, I’m looking at things and asking myself, “How long can I live without this??” … and making sure I label all the boxes well.  Between that, home school, home improvement, working from home for my church, and being a single parent during the week, progress is SUPER SLOW.


just my Bible … I’m almost done w/ the Old Testament (in a read-thru-my-Bible program that just goes at my own pace – I begain in January 2009).


nothing for me …


Healthy foods (as much as possible!).  My daughter and I had some serious talks about healthy choices this weekend … and while I don’t want to embarrass her ever, nor make her think she needs to go on a diet, I do know that she (and all of us) need to be watching what we eat.   My husband nor I possess naturally skinny genes, so our kids are doomed to struggle with their weight, and unfortunately, it has already begun for Annie-Belle.  Her pediatrician noted this a year or ago as well, so it is not like we are talking about her looking like a model or worrying about looks in general … we are just talking about getting and staying HEALTHY.

My kids LOVE vegetables and fruit … so that isn’t an issue.  We just need to CUT OUT THE JUNK and fast food.  That has been hard as I’m cooking less and much more busy with Daniel working out-of-state right now … but we can do this!  🙂


Finish up the trim work on the bathroom floor tiles (scary!); I finished around the toilet today (not easy!!!  but using templates on craft paper, I managed to do ok).

Pack, pack, pack.  Clean, clean, clean.

Catch up on paperwork for my work-from-home job.


I didn’t have a painter’s pan thingy for my floor primer before I started my floor project, so I just used a disposable aluminum pan I use for potlucks and such.  Not that this is too genius, but I don’t think I’ll ever buy a paint pan thing again!!  This was too easy to clean up (just throw it away!).


Stacks, boxes, stuff that needs to get put away or packed.


from this weekend in NW Arkansas (Terra Studios Art Park)



my blog friend’s son Harrison (going thru cancer treatment, the 2nd time)

my real-life friend – Jen – after going thru leukemia treatment was told she needed even more aggressive treatments.

the future.  decisions.


The pastor of the church we are visiting in AR spoke about current events and the trends of our world/country right now.  He was talking about the importance of each Christian doing their part … He said the Church (as a whole) is losing its “saltiness” and the light is fading right now as other religions and tolerances of many other agendas is taking over – but the BIGGEST resource we have is the Christian family.  That was just a good reminder to me in that while I often feel like days go by without accomplishing anything and I really have zero influence over anything huge in this world, I’ve nurtured and taught and prayed for my family – even though I don’t always do it as well as I would like.  But I have done my part to make a difference.


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3 Responses to Happy Homemaker Monday – 4/8/2013

  1. Sandra says:

    Oh boy, you certainly have a lot to think about. I don’t know if I could ever decide between what I need and what I can pack away possible for years. That is a tough question.

    Hope everything runs smoothly for you 🙂

  2. melanie says:

    yAy! for PROGRESS with OT reading and the floor tiles 🙂 Little by little, inch by inch… you know the song.
    Just thought of an idea for you re. food… Have you ever read at Heavenly Homemakers? Laura makes a lot of healthy but fast food to keep in her freezer for those many meals on the go. Pick one thing that looks good from her recipes and try it!

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