Around the House


When I don’t feel like we are making enough progress around the house – to get ready to move – I just need to look around.

Most of our pictures are off the walls … I still need to figure out just the right way or box to pack them. 



Many cabinets are empty – or half-empty – as my china cabinet is.  Just my Oma’s tea service remains and a lone cake plate.



The room that makes me the happiest as far as how it looks is MY BATHROOM!

I am SO thankful the floor turned out pretty well (don’t look too close- it isn’t perfect!). 

In the last year or so, I’ve also painted the cabinet and mirror trim and the walls (after removing a 1988 rose border), replaced the sink (with a plumber’s help), and changed out the fixtures from white-and-silver to brushed nickel.  I put down peel-and-stick floor tiles not only on the floor but also in the cabinet which covered the yucky ply board floor under there. 
Just recently I found a new shower curtain, valance, toilet seat thingy, and towels that I loved – all on sale.  Smile


In my living room, the book cases are ALMOST packed up too.  Those books – along with about 50 boxes of more – will be on their way to Arkansas to be put into storage this weekend!!

And so, I guess I *can* say, WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS!  Smile 

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4 Responses to Around the House

  1. melanie says:

    Yay! Box a few more books and the rest of that room will ‘pack’ very quickly! ;D
    I’m trying to remember how we have handled pictures… Those that fit in a box you can wrap up in bubble wrap. ((and mark FRAGILE!)) But the rest I think I used towels mostly (blankets, etc) to wrap and stack and put in a ‘safe’ place in the van/car etc. Not that you have much room in Dan’s apt to store them now — so they may have to wait for later, when you can move them directly to your NEW home.
    Do you have a U-haul trailer rented for this weekend to carry that TON of books?? 🙂

  2. Mrs. D says:

    Hi… I haven’t visited for a while. I usually have time at work to leave a note here and there, but ice cream season has begun and I’ve not had any extra time until this moment and I’m grabbing it.
    I get your posts via email which is great and have been following your progress. I’m so glad it’s all coming together for you and you are getting things packed up and moved out. I’m praying for the sale of your home so you can get settled asap.

    It’s looking a “little” like spring here. The snow we got the other day is mostly melted now along with the winter snowpack, so it’s actually looking a lot like spring now. I’m excited to get into the garden again.

    Do you have a date for moving, or does that all depend on the sale of your home? I’d think you would be itching to get settled .
    Hope you don’t have trouble with storms there.
    Praying for you all still.


  3. Tanya says:

    I really like your living room, is it??, in the last picture. Nice couch, bookshelves, etc. Hang in there. One thing that saved me during all of our craziness and living out of boxes was to keep a spiral notebook that listed every book, item, etc. in a box. Then the boxes were numbered and mapped out (where they were/are in the garage or storage building). It was time-consuming to do at the time, but I have been so thankful that I did it time and time again during this past year. ;o) Hopefully, we can get out of boxes this year sometime?? maybe? hopefully??

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