The NOT Restful Weekend


Normally, we look at weekends as a time of resting, relaxing, being together as a family … and while we had a glimpse of that this weekend, mostly we were just crazy busy – especially my husband.

After getting off work an hour early on Thursday night and driving 225 miles home, he and I had to drive to his doctor appointment on Friday – which is in a city 120 miles from our house – and back.

On Saturday, we had reserved a 14 foot Uhaul, and with the help of some friends, Daniel drove the 225 miles back to Arkansas … unloaded about 80 boxes into our storage unit (mostly BOOKS!), dropped off the truck, and drove the 225 miles back.



I will say it was pretty exciting to see that Uhaul sitting in our driveway!!  And hopefully the next time this happens, it will be the Uhaul that moves the rest of our household goods.

Progress for us usually seems like one step forward and two steps back though.  The contractor guy whom we were hoping would start doing some WORK on our house this week didn’t even return my phone call … 😦   We got an estimate from our painter friend who is supposed to paint our porch, deck, and do touch-up work on our walls and ceilings … and it was much higher than I was expecting.  Daniel and I still have some time to talk that one over (can we conceivably do it ourselves?!) – but it was a little disappointing.

HOWEVER, if I have learned one thing in the last few years it is that GOD IS NEVER LATE.  His timing is perfect … and we are just trusting that what appears to be setbacks are really just the cautious, retaining Hand of God.

Tomorrow morning, Daniel drives the 225 miles back to Arkansas (this is getting old!! LOL) … and then another week begins.  Hoping it will be a very productive one.


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  1. melanie says:

    Praying for God’s continued provision and care ~ What a blessing to have those beloved books safely moved closer to your new home!

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