Out With the Old

furnace air handler

On Monday, we got a new air handler installed in our furnace … which apparently has not worked for the last 8 years that we have owned our home.  We always wondered why our house was never completely cozy warm in the winters, but we just blamed our poor heat pump, which was actually the only thing that WAS providing a form of warm-ish air.  On the bright side, not having full electric heat for 8 winters has kept our electric bill very low!  We always just thought we were blessed when we heard how much others pay for electricity in the winters compared to how little we were paying for electric heat.

A while back the blower motor went out on our furnace — for the second time since we’ve owned this house.  The HVAC man who has helped us several times (our AC usually goes out once a summer) noticed then that the furnace wasn’t working … since he is usually here in the summer – not in the FREEZING COLD month of March (ha!) – it was the first time he’d really dealt with that monster.  Anyway, long story short, it probably isn’t a great idea to try to sell a house without a working furnace … and thus, we decided instead of replacing the furnace (probably the most recommended thing for the ancient relic), we’d get it repaired to at least working properly.  It was still a hefty fee for a hefty job, but since our furnace is located in the ever damp crawl space under our house – and 3 grown men had to crouch under there for hours to make the repairs, I guess it was money well earned.   And since it continues to be chilly here in Missouri this Spring, we’ve actually gotten to use THE FURNACE a few times since.  🙂

While the progress made on our house isn’t really obvious, it is still progress!!  We also got a second estimate on carpet installation.  The estimate from the big name home improvement store (*cough*Lowes*cough) wasn’t really much to our liking … so we called in a local carpet installer.  AND WOW, what a difference!!!  The lady who came out to measure was SUPER helpful!!  She showed me all the flaws in places like our stairs (that the previous owners had carpeted themselves) and explained how they would make our stairs looks SO MUCH BETTER … and never mind the fact that our landing is VINYL while the stairs are carpeted – who would want that (apparently we didn’t mind since we bought the house with that!).   She also showed me  how they could extend my TINY entry to the house by extending the vinyl there.  She even offered to throw in a piece of remnant vinyl for free.  She also talked me out of considering installing laminate flooring in the kitchen/dining room area because the vinyl in the kitchen, while not “modern”, is still in good shape and matches the cabinets well.  So, we’ll just re-carpet the dining room for now … and let the next owners do what they will.   In the end, carpeting our house is less cost than offering a “carpet allowance” to the new owners to replace the NASTY, DISGUSTING, survived-the-daily-vomiting-cat carpet that we have … and will make the house SO MUCH PRETTIER for showings.

I finished the bathroom floor … and I love it!  Peel-and-stick tiles are NOT the best thing in the whole wide world and can’t beat REAL tile floors, BUT it looks SO MUCH better than the 1988 yellowed floor we had.  And for now, it is the best I can do.  Lipstick on my pig, so to speak.

The painter called – he’s probably starting on our porch and deck next Friday, weather permitting!   Now if only I could get a hold of my handyman who is supposed to fix our rotten flooring so we can get the carpet down and install garage doors.  I have the name of a recommended local guy – and I think I’m calling him tomorrow.   Such is life in the construction world!?!

Meanwhile, we’ve packed up more boxes – added more stuff to the garage sale pile too.  I’ve decided to at least TRY a yard sale – a few $$  would sure help pay for the above mentioned work.   We reduced our “game closet” from about 50 board games (I KID YOU NOT!!!!  We had 3 sets of Clue and Stratego and 5 different varieties of Monopoly!) to about 20 of our favorites.  I reduced the number of old sheet sets we have … some to sell, some to save to use for packing material later.

WE ARE MOVING!  Yeh, it is beginning to sink in.

Meanwhile, life goes on:  home-school, cooking, trying to clean the dirtiest places, laundry, talking to Daniel on the phone a few times a day, church, activities.  Anna’s theater class is back in full swing after 3 weeks of not attending, at a new location at a YMCA.  There is a preschool area for me and MiMi to wait in – and on Monday I enjoyed 2 hours to organize some thoughts in writing and work on some papers while MiMi enjoyed the facility and Annie-Belle was in her little class.

m at the y 2013

And then there is the unexpected:  MiMi found scissors today while Drew and I were busy packing boxes and cleaning out a closet (not sure WHERE Annie-Belle was!) … and CUT HER OWN HAIR.  😦 Imagine a mullet on one side of her head.  Lovely.  I’m not even attempting to fix it … we have an emergency hair appointment tomorrow.

I am thankful to stop for a moment to be able to write all this out … and one day I can re-read this when I vaguely remember how stressed out I was when we moved from Missouri to Arkansas … and right now I can read how much we are accomplishing after all.


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  1. melanie says:

    heeeheee – ‘lipstick on my pig’ — Not sure I’ve heard that one before! (and why not?? I wonder)

    What’s toddler-hood without a self-inflicted bad haircut? boring. 😉 This too shall pass, and give you something to laugh heartily about in the future. I remember Abby chopping her bangs down to nothing just before I had planned a ‘professional’ portrait picture for Christmas… ahem. Okay, I’m smiling. Really. Now.

    Hurrah for progress and helpful local business people! Trusting the rest will work out in due time.
    Have a great day!

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