We Can Fix It!

We’ve had quite a few fix-it folks coming to and through our house recently … When I warned Miriam today that a man was coming to “fix our house” again, she asked, “Is it Handy Manny?”


In fact, she has taken to walking around our house with measuring tape ever since we had all the rooms measured for carpet (again) the other day.  It kind of tickles me since tools and “fix-it” stuff is so NOT our thing.  If someone gave Daniel tools for Christmas or his birthday, he’d be about as disappointed as a 4 year old getting underwear as a gift.

We have an emergency tool kit for the little things … but honestly, it just doesn’t get used too much.  Usually I am the one acquiring a new tool:  I got a sander when we moved into this house and I stained 9 bookcases for our living room … I also got an electric screwdriver, which I really don’t even like (just give me a normal screwdriver any day!).  Stuff like that.  I’ve (we’ve) learned a lot about homeownership in the last 8 years, and I think I’ve added quite an impressive number of home improvement experiences to my resume’ … however, in the near future, I look forward to renting again and just letting the landlord deal with the issues!!  Not that we’ll never own a house again, but it will be a much more educated choice when we do.

Anyway … all this Handy Manny talk reminds me that today’s goal was to write about the progress that may finally be happening!!  Our painter was actually going to come TODAY – but it is rainy …

I did finally get a call back from the local guy who the carpet lady recommended to me – with an apology for not calling soon – I was just thrilled he’d called at all.  🙂   Anyway, the guy came right over to look at a few projects I need done (rotten floor boards replaced by the back door and in the garage), and he immediately smiled and said, “I helped build this house!”  … What are the odds?!!

After looking at the repairs I needed, and giving me a (in my opinion) very fair estimate (less than I was expecting to pay!!), he told me when they built this house, he actually ordered the wrong color roof shingles.   We replaced the original roof right after we moved in, and I remember the old gray shingles, which were UGLY … and now we have black ones, which was the color he was supposed to have ordered back then too.

Today I am just thankful for the hope of PROGRESS next week!!  My handy-man is coming out on Monday; the painter is due to come back on Monday … and once they are working, I can get on with the carpet and garage doors!  YEH!!!

And then – gulp – will come the next step, after a deep-deep-down cleaning of everything, I will actually be CALLING THE REALTOR to get this house on the market.   Our goal had been mid-May … and we may just make it.  I think reality is slowwwwwwwwly settling in!


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