My poor blog has turned into a pretty boring re-telling of our moving progress … about as interesting as watching paint dry (which ironically I HOPE TO BE DOING quite a bit of coming up!!).  However, for my own sake and encouragement, I’m going to continue to share the fascinating facts of getting this old rattletrap ready for the market.  I’m actually slightly hopeful that we MIGHT just get our asking price because the house is looking SO good already and we aren’t even done yet!

Monday we got 3 places in our floors and garage wall fixed that were rotting due to moisture issues.  Thankfully they weren’t big places, and a crew of 3 men fixed things up pretty readily and were done before lunch!  (considering they arrived at 7:30 a.m. – while I was still in the shower!!!!  Thankfully rinsed off with my clothes nearby – but you know how hard it is to put clothes on your wet body?!!).

Tuesday our painter friend and his co-worker came by.  They assessed the work to be done, power washed the house, and even had me buy some fencing so they can repair an 8 foot section of our chain link that the dog has destroyed by digging.  They too seemed optimistic that they could help the house easily … and that it would be ready for the market pretty soon.

Today – in the afternoon – the painter and his cohort came back to scrape down the deck and porch so it is ready for PAINT!  Sadly, the forecast is calling for rain and cold … and even snow flurries (??) … So who knows when this will get completed.

Funny story about my conversation with the painter, his co-worker, and me about the paint color of our house:

Painter:  “We just need to get this blue paint matched and mixed …”

Other guy:  “I would call the color more of a gray.”

Me:  “The color is actually called ‘battleship’.  I have bought some before.”

Other guy:  “Battlefield?  What?”

Me:  “NO, battleship … like in the Navy.”

Other guy:  “You were in the Navy?!!!!”  (shocked expression)

Me:  “No, I just had to buy the battleship paint … you know, for the deck.”

Other guy:  “So, you WERE in the Navy?”

Well, it was funny at the moment anyway … Imagine ME swabbing decks … ha ha!

Meanwhile, Drew and I moved out all the bookcases from the living room into the garage.  My living room is HUGE now … wow, I love it!!  It even kind of echoes in there!  And there is actually room for MiMi to play and not block the only path to walk through … Man, I love this house.  Once everything is fixed up, it will be very hard to let it go.

Otherwise, I’m contemplating a yard sale on the Saturday before Mother’s Day (May 11?).  Kind of excited to get some stuff OUT of the garage … and maybe some money in my pocket for a change – or towards the cost of all this updating and repairing.

The carpet people come on Monday!! And here is how the Lord provides:  Drew will be dog sitting for some friends from church who live in our subdivision for the next 10 days.  They said our kids could hang out in their house while they are away during the time the carpet people are here so they can stay out of the way.  How perfect is that!  God is good … all the time.


REMINDER:  Thursday, May 2nd is the National Day of Prayer.  While we need to pray daily, of course, I’ve been really challenged lately to pray for America.  While a gay sports star coming out (Jason Collins) merits a phone call from our President, Christians in the military are being threatened with court-marshaling for openly speaking of their faith  and the chaplaincy is in serious danger of losing their personal influence or disappearing all together.   Not really sure that it is “diverse” when you silence the voice of Christians (protected by not only freedom of speech, but of religion), but allow and commend anyone else to speak of their anti-God agenda or preference or religion.  😦



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2 Responses to Finally.

  1. Dackel says:

    Sorry I have been missing for a while. I am feeling better and back to using my glasses! Yay!!! Sounds like things are coming together.

  2. melanie says:

    hee hee – You and Tim will have to swap sailor stories sometime 😉

    It is WHITE here this morning — and still coming down! 😮 Crazy weather! I hope your progress continues in good time. Our city-wide garage sales are tomorrow and Saturday — maybe my baseboard heater would sell pretty well this week?? (if anyone is out shopping in the cold and wet)

    Prayer… surely seems like the last days, doesn’t it? We can’t allow asylum to a persecuted homeschooling, hardworking family… but non-citizen suspected terrorists are on welfare?

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