Lessons and Living and Love

My poor, neglected blog is withering away … while the thoughts in my head continue to fly around like hummingbirds at a sugar feeder!  Lots of wild wing-flapping and diving and dipping … and savoring too.  That’s how my life is right now.  A little craziness and a lot of love and blessings too.

humming bird

So, Mother’s Day.  Honestly, never my favorite day of the year.  For years, I dreaded it because I wasn’t a mother, because I so longed to be a mother.  Then, I was given the gift of children, and suddenly I dreaded Mother’s Day because I didn’t feel worthy of the calling, felt the weight of the responsibility, and was disappointed at my own performance (yes, reoccurring theme in my life, I know, I know).

Yesterday (Sunday), I went to church and the text for the sermon was the dreaded Proverbs 31.  There is SO MUCH in that chapter and in devotional books about this chapter that is such good information, advice, and an example for women … but there is a so much to live up to in that chapter too.  A good woman gets up early, stays up late, works all day, esteems her husband, takes good care of her children PLUS helps the poor and needy too!  She cooks, she sews, she earns an income … I wonder if she ever got tired.  Wow, that lady does it all.  I just do SOME of that stuff.  Some days, it is great if I accomplish ONE thing on the “godly woman” list.

Slowly, as I embrace more and more of God’s grace, I am accepting that His will for each of us is vastly different.  I am not sure He expects us to “do it all” … He just expects us to do the best at the things He has enabled us to do and given us the talent and ability to do.  While I realize there is sin in laziness or neglect or not serving others, I also see that each person must use her talents – whether it is seeing her family as a ministry or having the ability to add other things to her ministry list – and not worry about what everyone else is doing with their talents.  Comparison is the robber of joy, I’ve read somewhere.

Lately, as I work on capturing those wayward thoughts in my mind that get me down and comparing them to what GOD says, to what TRUTH is, seasoned with grace, I am learning to quit looking around me so often, but looking UP instead.

In the past, I have heard so many people use the excuse for not attending church or believing in God by stating “Christians are hypocrites.”  And guess what?  THEY ARE!!   WE ARE.  I AM.

People will disappoint us … Christians and Christian leaders will disappoint us … because NO ONE is perfect.  Not our spouse, not our friends, not our family … ONLY Jesus Christ can claim that attribute.  ONLY Jesus will NEVER let us down.  I want to be so firmly fixed on Him that whatever happens around me won’t affect me … then I can finally quit being bothered by things because I realize GOD is in perfect control.  The hurts and disappointments and pain caused by others’ actions are all invalid in comparison to God’s love and plan for me.  My husband has often told me doing God’s will can be summed up in one word:  “Acceptance”.  Accepting that God will lead us for our and His good and take care of the bad stuff in His time.  Then we can live out His will in His strength and with His grace.

That said, I have a long way to go … but I can say for once, this year, I enjoyed Mother’s Day.

This quote appeared in my facebook newsfeed TWICE today, I’m taking it as a personal message to me for my future:

trust me




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2 Responses to Lessons and Living and Love

  1. It has been suggested that the Proverbs 31 woman description encompassed her lifetime. She didn’t do it all at once. Different seasons call for different priorities. Plus, she had servants. 🙂

    More than the Proverbs 31 woman, I want to be Mary at the feet of Jesus. I want to choose the better thing as I walk through life and sometimes that means being still. We can’t do the “work” without the faith that God sustains us in all we do. Then we have to lean in and trust that He is there to carry us, because He is.

    Happy Mother’s Day! (one day past!)

  2. sarasamomx5 says:

    So very, very true. I can’t imagine that God would want us to do everything. We’d never have time to sit at the feet of His son. 🙂 great post. And I. The same with the blogging. A bazillion thoughts in my head, no time to write them down? Did you find a home for your dog? Have you moved yet?

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