HAPPY Homemaker Monday


After several hard, heavy posts, I am SO ready for something different and HAPPY!!!  So, I’m joining Sandra and friends today for Happy Homemaker Monday!   It is a good reminder that I am SO thankful to be a stay-at-home mom right now and doing what I love:  taking care of my family.  🙂  <– SMILE


It’s 70 degrees out and has that “after the storm” feeling.   Thunderstorms are supposed to continue throughout the day.  Our area wasn’t hit as hard as Oklahoma and Iowa, but we do live in “Tornado Alley” so we are often under tornado watches and warnings.  Sounds like another day for that.


relaxing with a cup of coffee.  The big kids are feverishly motivated to do school because we want to be finished very, very soon!!!  The little one is bugging me to play on pbskids.org (George!), and she has learned to manipulate a computer mouse just as well as the rest of us.


There’s still a lot to do, but our painter and handyman got a lot done this weekend!  They are almost done, but we need dry weather before they finish painting our deck and porch.  They are doing a great, thorough job – filling in cracks and fixing boards along the way, a job we should have done a long time ago …

Daniel and I are painting next weekend too (the wood siding of our house and random touch-ups) and cleaning gutters out and such like … Plus I’m having yard sale #2 (hoping it will be more successful than the last one!)


The Mitford Bedside Companion and the Bible (in New Testament finally!)




Sandwiches, lots of sandwiches.  We do have lots of shaved deli meats and sliced cheeses from Aldis right now and yummy 12-grain bread.  🙂  Then easy meals like spaghetti and chicken parmesan and burritos are planned for suppers.


Several business phone calls to make and paperwork to wrap up (schoolwork to grade too).  This is DEEP CLEAN week at my house … our goal is to list our house for sale by May 31.

I also just found out a cousin and her friend are visiting ME from Germany next week for 2 days!!!!  So excited!!!!  Need to think up things for us to do in the “middle of no-where”, Missouri.  Mostly, we’ll just want to talk and catch up and EAT … that’s what we do best!


My handyman has a real feather duster that he uses all the time.  In this age of fancy cleaning stuff like Swiffer Dusters, etc., one forgets how great a simple feather duster is!  For example, our painter painted some our ceiling, which was stained; our ceiling is (I think?) a raven-claw texture, and the handyman got all the dust hanging from the “claws” off with his feather duster.

I tried to find a normal feather duster to buy and do all our ceilings and to get the cobwebs from the corners, and I COULD NOT FIND ONE!!!!  Not at Lowe’s, not at Wal-Mart.  Finally found something close at Big Lots – and that’s on my to-do list today to use it.


The newly painted white ceiling in my dining room and kitchen looks so crisp and clean with the freshly painted walls there!!  The fence that our dog tore to shreds (chain link!) is fixed … and my dog is adopted (Praise the Lord) by a family with another dog for her to be friends with and has a huge yard for them to run in!!


not from my camera, but a beautiful clip art that represents my attitude this week – and hopefully always:

choose joy


Friends with heavy hearts and a friend facing a difficult week.

My husband who is thankfully working lots of overtime – but who is also worn down and tired – yet always upbeat!  ❤ him and miss him during the week.

My own emotional stability this week and that I will remember to choose joy and be grateful.

Posted this already but need the reminder and love the thought –

joy pic


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2 Responses to HAPPY Homemaker Monday

  1. melanie says:

    Hey Lady ~ Wondered about y’all last night as I was looking at the weather radar…Did you get more storms? The biggest line went from Dallas to Chicago last I looked! {btw, heavy rain is *really* loud in a place like Lowe’s – ha ha} We also spent the end of our Sunday eve service in the basement with the sirens blaring. Sorta crazy, but all was well and we made it home again – thankful to live north of the worst of it. Praying you can get your painting done between rains!

    Kate & Abby picked up a free sample of some really chartreuse paint for their bathroom wall… So far Abby loves it… while Tim just laughed. We’ll see what the other girls decide. Methinks the youngers who will *live* with it should have veto power 😉

  2. Liz says:

    Stopping by via Sandra’s Blog.

    I too live in Tornado alley. The severe storms scare me quite a bit. The thought of tornadoes make me so nervous.

    Is the Mitford Bedside Companion part of the Mitford Series? I love the Mitford series and am thinking about rereading it soon.

    Happy Monday! Have a wonderful week.


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