Be Encouraged.

In the last 2 years, I’ve really been challenged to hold on tight to my faith!  I’ve struggled, but God has lovingly led me to do some things I never thought I could:  forgive without an apology, accept without understanding, trust when I was doubting, and so much more.  God’s Hand has become very evident and His purposes for me are better than anything I can plan myself.

That doesn’t mean I am upbeat, joyful, trusting, and at peace every. single. day. BUT I am getting BETTER – with God’s help.  As my husband encourages me:  I am letting go – sometimes prying my proverbial fingers off the hurts I want to wallow in, refusing to cry over the injustices of life, and resisting the urge to stomp my foot in protest of the things I don’t want to face.  My worst nightmare is to end up being a bitter old lady who blames other people for all the bad that happens, or worse, who blames God.   I am not a victim.  I am God’s child!!  🙂

Here is a little snippet of encouragement I want to pass along – whether you are struggling now or realize some day you will, as long as you live in this old, sinful, mean, unfair world:



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  1. babstig says:

    Mentally working on this too. I feel as if holding onto the hurt and bitterness means they win. 🙂 I do not like the idea of them winning! I want Gods glory to “win”

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