For Sale


Finally, the sign in my yard says “FOR SALE” … Wow, we finally arrived at this point.  We filled out the owner disclosure paperwork, signed the agreement with the realtor, and our house is on the market.

Isn’t it always kind of surreal when a long awaited event finally happens?  In this case, we’ve kind of been anticipating that this might happen for the last 2 years, wondered if it wasn’t the best thing that could happen for our family, and then knew for a fact that it had to happen.

While I have moved a lot in my life time – all over the country and even across the ocean – we have almost always had the military behind us, packing and transporting our household and funding it as well.  Even when we moved from Army post housing into this house, we only had a few miles to move our things, and we had many weeks to do it.   This is the first time we’ve had to move out of state on our own.  But just like you eat an elephant, you just take it one bite at a time.

The saddest factor for me is that while my house is finally exactly how I always wanted it, I have to be willing to give it up!  The garage doors work with the touch of a button, the painted exterior looks so nice, the new carpet feels so good to walk on – and even roll around on, and the rooms and closets are slowly being emptied out.  The cracks and stains on the walls that have bothered me for years are all gone, covered up, and freshly painted.  My bathroom actually looks like it belong in this century with its new sink and floor and accessories.  The kitchen appliances are as clean as they have ever been, and the laundry room is actually cobweb free and organized!  The nasty shed is swept out and all our outdoor stuff has its place.   There is no clutter, there are very few stacks of STUFF.  We are living with the basics, and it is ok.

Now we wait on God’s timing.   We’d really like to be moving to Arkansas in July … but again, God knows that and He knows when this house will sell.  Until then, I am sure enjoying my home while it can still be called MY home.


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4 Responses to For Sale

  1. Looks great! I hope it sells quickly so you can all be together again.

  2. Tanya says:

    The picture of your house is so pretty! We will be praying, too. Been there and done that……

  3. melanie says:

    I’ve always enjoyed seeing the pics of your front porch!
    Just think, now that you’ve had the practice of DOing all those fix-it projects, you are better prepared to make your next house into a lovely home for your family. And the experience of living without clutter… What is that like?? 😉 Enjoy each day!

  4. domesticlady says:

    Such a beautiful home! Having moved many times in our past I understand where you are at. We always try to leave the place we are in better than when we purchased it. I so enjoy that open, free feeling of less stuff. Now that my health is better, I need to work toward that stage. Enjoy, and I hope it sells!

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