It is June … In fact, 6 days into June!  While the days sometimes fly and sometimes creep, they do eventually pass.  Sometimes all too fast.  Sometimes way too slow!

Something I have tried to work on is enjoying EACH day, no matter what.  The thing I have found to get me through “those” days has been gratitude – thankfulness for the simplest of things:  a good meal shared around the family table, remembering that we have our health, thinking about the ways God provides for our smallest and our greatest needs.  I haven’t always been completely successful in this, but I am working on it!

Sadly, I am probably not someone my friends remember for my cheerful attitude or my giving spirit … but I do hope that I can be more positive in the future and less self focused.  I guess I have always thought if only I could get my own emotions and attitudes together, then maybe I could finally reach out … but if I wait until that point in my life, I will probably be dead.  :-/

I am very much an observer of the people around me, and my friends who I admire the most are really the most giving and the least self-focused.  I probably subconsciously am drawn to them because if they are less focused on themselves, they are by default more focused on ME!  ha!  But seriously, they are people I want to learn from.

So, what does that have to do with JUNE?!  Well, nothing.  Just an observation I made.  For free.  You’re welcome.

So, back to the relevancy of June: 

Our house is on the market.

School is over.

Repairs and cleaning up/fixing up are basically done.  I said good-bye to my painter and handyman today and gave them their final payment.  It was SO nice to have 2 guys around who I could point something broken out to – and they could fix it, usually by the end of their work day!  Ha – novel concept in my world with a non-handy-husband (God bless him … I still love him and would marry him all over again!).

Drew and I have raked (and/or blown away) every leaf on our property into the woods – that’s probably about 40 million leaves – or more!!  Seriously.  He earned some money that way … and I earned at least 6 blisters and maybe burned a few calories.

We have a few fun days coming up … a well-earned break for the kids and I.   Poor hubby continues to work 10 hour shifts, but MiMi and I are planning to spend a few days with him next  week while the big kids are away at camp, taking care of him for the few hours that he is actually off and continuing to explore our new soon-to-be hometown.

The big kids will be gone for a while … My parents are taking them for a week to East Tennessee (wish I could go!!).   I will miss them lots and lots, but I am glad they will be spending some time with the grandparents they don’t get to see very often – plus attending a fun camp at the church there – with a huge water slide, zip line … and of course, church camp meetings at night.  Conveniently, my in-laws have planned a trip to Tennessee that time period too, and they will bring my kids back to Missouri.

Before I know it, June will be over … and the next goal is finding a rental home in Arkansas to coincide with the lease expiring on my husband’s apartment.  We have Plan A and Plan B, depending on whether our house sells by then or not … and thankfully, there are plenty more letters of the alphabet if those 2 plans don’t work!

So, while we aren’t having a typical summer yet again, I am hoping that I will see something to be thankful for in each day.

choose joy


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5 Responses to June

  1. Tanya says:

    “I choose Joy” — I need that this summer, too. My cramped quarters are beginning to get to me (especially when the house seems so close but yet so far — may not be in it until winter). I have never really thought of you as self-focused. I just enjoy that we have so many thoughts and feelings that are the same (you are just so much better putting them into words than I am). I can be transparent with you, and you love me anyway. ;o)
    Hang in there. I am praying for you! (Do the same for me if you think of it!! )

  2. babstig says:

    I laughed out loud when I read this part > > So, what does that have to do with JUNE?! Well, nothing. Just an observation I made. For free. You’re welcome. > You have an awesome sense of humor and I do pray God gives you some great friends in Arkansas to share it with! Sent from my iPad

  3. Plan A , Plan B…there are plenty more letters in the alphabet – loved that!!

    Oh, to be able to sit back and enjoy a “fixed up house.” That would be a treat! 🙂

    Hopefully, you’ll make some wonderful memories this summer.

  4. melanie says:

    “plenty more letters of the alphabet” 😀
    Keep smiling and trusting and enjoying every day!

    When does the apt lease expire?

    • Dan’s lease expires july 26 …. So hope and pray we are moved by then. If not, he will have to go to a extended stay type hotel, thats Plan E or F, so we are hoping that wont happen….

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