Happy Homemaker Monday – 6/17/2013


Today I am joining Sandra for HHM …

Right now I am…. I hate to say it:  bored.  Actually, there is plenty for me to do … I just don’t wanna.  Ever been there?  I am not, very often … but somehow today I just feel deflated.  Blah.

Thinking…. about my big kids … I miss them.  They were supposed to come home on Tuesday or Wednesday after a week with my parents and at camp and then with my in-laws.  I grocery shopped for them on Saturday – bought all their favorites – strawberries for Annie-Belle and corn-on-the-cob for Drew … Ready to start cooking and playing and enjoying my days with them.  But my father-in-law who was supposed to bring them back to me decided yesterday that he didn’t want to face the traffic and construction on the interstates that take him by my house on his way home from Tennessee … and so, he isn’t bringing them here after all.  😦  Now I am supposed to go pick them up this weekend and spend the weekend with my in-laws.   Not really what was on my agenda – I’ve had to cancel our plans to attend friend’s twins birthday party and other plans … and I have to pack up and drive for hours again.   *big, exaggerated, spoiled-brat sigh*

On my reading pile….in an effort to work on my family’s health, I am reading Fat-Proof Your Family:  God’s Way to Forming Healthy Habits for Life
On my TV…..not much … just pointless reruns like Reba and Food Network.

 On the menu for this week….
Apparently, MiMi and I will be eating a lot of strawberries and corn-on-the-cob.  :-/
Otherwise, cereal, hot dogs, mac-and-cheese, and maybe fast food.  😦
On my to do list….
Pack up more stuff.  We have a ton of VHS of movies and TV shows … I am sorting through them – taking a lot to the thrift store – and packing up the rest for our storage unit.  With any luck, they will be destroyed by the lack of temperature control in there, and soon, we can just throw them ALL away.  Ha!  Seriously.  I hate media clutter.  But my husband loves it.   He thinks we will never ever be able to access the “good old shows” like we watched as kids so we have to hoard the video tapes to preserve them for future generations.  I really need to talk him into Netflix!  🙂
While my big kids are gone, I can weed through their closets some more, which is something we’ve done already but needs to be done again with a more cut throat approach!  Same for my husband’s side of the master closet.
Looking forward to this week….
the weekend after I get my kids back!  🙂  I’m having lunch with a friend this week too, which is something to break up the mundane.  🙂  We will probably go to the park and the library and maybe even the splash park!  Trying to make the best out of a quiet week.
Looking around the house….
with just me and MiMi at home, things stay pretty clean and organized.  I just need to continually give it a once-over just in case someone comes by to look at the house.  So far, it has been on the market for 17 days … and nothing.  However, you just never know when THE buyer will come by.
From the camera….
last time I saw all my kiddos together … Saturday a week ago:
On my prayer list…..
the timing of the sale of our house and the transition to Arkansas
a friend of ours is having knee replacement surgery today.  I hope she does well.
Bible verse, Devotional….



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3 Responses to Happy Homemaker Monday – 6/17/2013

  1. Tanya says:

    I am with you on the big kid thing, too. I am missing the boys. I ended up taking my mom and S. to Babyland General and Helen, GA for 3 of these long 7 days the boys are gone. I pick mine up tomorrow. I will be glad to see them! BTW, we are praying for the speedy sale of your house. Been there……done that. It seemed that my house would never show until everything got completely messy again. I would, at times, think about letting it get messy so it would show! LOL

  2. Sandra says:

    Hahaha I know the feeling of having so much to do and feeling bored. It’s weird isn’t it? The past few days I have found myself needing to get things finished for the move but not wanting to, and then being bored, and then trying to find something to do only to realize that nothing I think of sounds good, so I remain bored. lol

  3. melanie says:

    Oh dear – sorry about the disappointment with the delayed return of your big kids :-\ Get some rest while you can in your quiet week and enjoy your lunch date! {{hugs}}

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