Happy Homemaker Monday – 6/24/2013


Today I am again joining Sandra for HHM.  Truly today I am a HAPPY homemaker as my big kids are finally HOME after 2 weeks of being with grandparents and at camp.  🙂

Right now I am….just taking it easy after a lonely and busy and emotional 2 weeks … and then a weekend with my in-laws and my husband when I went to pick up the big kids.  We are going to a water park/rec plex place later today with friends … just having FUN today!

Thinking…. about the future, always.  My husband is turning in his 30-day notice to his apartment office on Wednesday … we’ve been “apart” for 5 months now … thankfully we have seen each other every week somehow or other in the meantime.  I am SO ready for our family to be together  again full-time!!!   I was looking at rental houses on line again last night.  We’ll be going to Arkansas for a few days next week to GOD WILLING find a home for us to move into the end of July.  Somehow that suddenly seems VERY soon!  And I am VERY glad.

On my reading pile….just some mindless reading – catching up on James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club books.

In my read-thru-the-Bible, I am in Mark – and today I read chapter 6 – Jesus is teaching his disciples about the difference of serving God with “lip service” and “from the heart”.  I so want this to be the focus of my life and for my family -to love and serve God from the heart, ignoring the man-made rules and unkind judgment of others that make us feel self-righteous and yet that are truly empty and even repulsive to God (Jesus really let those Pharisees that He was talking to in Mark chapter 6 have it about their lip service and man-made rules!).

 On the menu for this week….
I definitely need to inventory my fridge and shelves!!  Time to start cooking from the pantry!
I think we’ll be having kid friendly meals again this week though:  spaghetti with salad, probably some simple chicken casserole, fish (tilapia) and rice.
On my to do list….
I had really hoped to be done with my work-from-home job by June … but I do payroll for my church and its school, and switching to the new payroll service – with all the tax stuff and information to be transferred, I was told it will take 4-6 weeks.  I am shooting for 4 weeks since I need to MOVE!  🙂   Time to get busy!!
I also need to get radical about packing:  everything we don’t absolutely NEED (winter clothes come to mind!) needs to start getting packed in boxes or bags.  I’ve been fervently looking up tips on pinterest and the internet!
Looking forward to this week….
Just having my big kids home again to help me and to do things with.  I am sure we can fit in some FUN times along with the work!!  🙂  Also, my kids’ friends are planning a “surprise” going away party for them this Saturday … I am definitely looking forward to that!
Looking around the house….
It is pretty clean and organized around here since the big kids have been gone for so long … and so much clutter is packed and put away either in storage in AR or in our garage.  I am ready for anyone to come look at the house, if they want!!  (so far, in 24 days our house has not been shown once … I did see that this weekend, our realtor put a lock box on our front door so other realtors can show the house)
From the camera….
MiMi’s new pool (click the link to read how she came to get this pool in a MYSTERIOUS WAY)
Prayer Requests:
I have so many friends and acquaintances with heavy, heavy hearts right now:
A friend’s nephew was fishing from a boat on a lake (or river?) this weekend and jumped in to swim … and never came up!  Right now the police have changed his status from a rescue to recovery … 😦  This man has a wife and 2 young children.  SO INCREDIBLY SAD … I just pray they can find his body so the family has closure.  I can’t begin to imagine.
Also, the nephew’s friend – whom he was fishing with – feels incredible guilt right now and probably needs prayer too.
Another acquaintance just had a still born grandson (they knew he was deceased).  I can’t imagine the heartache of knowing you will deliver a child that is not alive – but the family seems to be full relying on God to carry them through this time.
My blog friend Chandra’s son continues chemo … I have another friend in the midst of chemo for leukemia.
These hard, life-altering things make my prayers for a smooth transition to Arkansas for us seem so not important … and yet our Good God cares about all the details of our lives … and so I continue to pray for the PEFECT TIMING of our move and the sale of our house.
I am trying to remind myself each day to CHOOSE JOY … no matter what.   Today I found yet another graphic to remind me of this:
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  1. melanie says:

    Exciting to hear a thirty-day countdown on moving!!! {Lord willing} And glad your A-team made it home again 😀

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