Day Book – 7/8/2013

Usually I participate in Sandra’s Happy Homemaker Monday, but she has been busy settling in her new home of Idaho after her hubby retired from the Air Force recently. So, reminded by Melanie about The Simple Woman’s DayBook, I thought I’d record my thoughts that way today.


FOR TODAY (or rather TONIGHT?! It is afterall 11:20 p.m. – coffee at 3:30 p.m. to keep me awake while driving from Missouri to Arkansas is now caught up to me – feeling tired but not sleepy)

Outside my window… cool darkness  – earlier this evening we were at the park, watching lightning bugs (or do you call them fireflies?) as the temperature came down slowly from its 92 degree peak.

I am thinking… about the next 2 days – lots to do:  we have a potential rental property to look at here in NW Arkansas; I need to check in with my kids’ new school (yes, we decided to send them back – they liked home-school ok but are just used to the Christian school environment and miss teachers and students to interact with … HOW did I, the ultimate introvert, end up with such social kids?!); and I need to stop by the apartment office to finalize some things about our move-out date.

I am thankful…for God’s unexpected blessings and the little things.

In the kitchen…well, my kitchen is 225 miles away – but it IS spotless as I am hoping my real estate agent comes through and shows my house on Tuesday while I am away.  As for cooking, well, there isn’t much on the menu this week as I am in Arkansas until Wednesday, and my big kids are at church camp (again) in Missouri this time.

I am wearing…comfy clothes

I am creating…a blog entry and that’s about it.

I am going…to sleep soon.  I hope!

I am wondering…where we will end up living, if our house will sell sooner rather than later or vice verse, how my big kids are doing on their first night at camp (a camp they have gone to for years and years)

I am reading…some mindless fiction – currently a suspense novel by Lisa Jackson.

I am hoping…my husband’s job interview goes well on Wednesday.  That is our unexpected blessing!  Yes, he has a fairly new job (thank you, Lord), but he applied – on a whim – for another position at the next grade level within the same organization … thinking he really didn’t have a chance at it yet, considering he has only been employed there for 6 months.  Today, the head nurse looked him up at his section and requested an interview with him on Wednesday.  While it is still a long shot, we are just thankful for the opportunity!

I am looking forward to…my family being together again permanently SOON!

I am learning… to continually trust the Lord and cut off my negative and worrisome rabbit trails that form in my brain all too often as we face a few uncertainties yet in our near future.  And to remember to pray instead of worrying and wondering.

Around the house…it is CLEAN right now!!  Ready to show!!  I need to start packing FOR REAL because we might be moving in about 3 weeks!!!  I am at my husband’s apartment right now, so there isn’t much to do except relax right now (awww, shucks!).  😉

I am pondering…life.  No, seriously, I am.  I was just thinking about how prosperous Americans (as a whole) are, and how valued success and comfort is.  While I too like being comfortable, why do I feel like often God demands I give up my comfort?  Is this my own false guilt and assumptions, my feelings of unworthiness, or is it just that God knows which buttons to push with me – and in my case, He convicts me when I wish for more than I need?!  The last 2 years have been very uncomfortable for me – not just financially but also just feeling misunderstood by some people and wondering if we are doing the right and biblical things for our family.  I fully trust my husband in this, thankfully – especially in the choices we have made to move and change course in his job.

All the while, I wonder how to balance financial security and our provision for our future, the efforts we want to make to get out of debt and plan ahead with the full reliance on God to provide our needs – not necessarily our wants.  I realize He doesn’t just rain down money from the skies (pity, isn’t it?!) so man must have a career goals, and as good stewards, we need to take care of our families – but to what extent.  Where does comfort end and indulgence begin?!  Is wishing for – and working towards – a more comfortable vehicle wrong when our old, reliable, cramped vehicle is adequate?!  And in searching for a house to live in, what do we really NEED.  I think that is why we need to rent for a year or two before we buy a house again.  Just to evaluate our own means and God’s will for our family.  I realize I’ll never have a mansion (nor do I want one!!) … but as an American, I am so tempted by the comforts and conveniences that are offered to us.

These are far too deep and personal thoughts for such a late, caffeine-induced insomniac night … but I have thought long and hard today (and often) if Christians are really supposed to strive to “get ahead” just like everyone in the secular world does?  I guess my conclusion is somewhat that excess is wrong, but through all the creature comforts and conveniences and fulfillment of debt-free living and providing for our family, we can enjoy as part of God’s blessings on us.  As long as we are not driven by covetousness or gain money at the expense of another, it must be ok to want a stable, comfortable life style for one’s family as long as every action is prayed about, and material things are seen as what they are:  not of much eternal value.

A favorite quote for today…

Whence comes this idea that if what we are doing is fun, it can’t be God’s will? The God who made giraffes, a baby’s fingernails, a puppy’s tail, a crooknecked squash, the bobwhite’s call, and a young girl’s giggle, has a sense of humor. Make no mistake about that. –Catherine Marshall

One of my favorite things…being with my husband.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  see above (house hunting, errand running, and packing)


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4 Responses to Day Book – 7/8/2013

  1. Joyful Reader says:

    like many others I’m sure, I feel God blesses me with much that I might bless others. When someone we know of is in need, we are able to help. We aren’t rich by the world’s view, we are comfortable. We are definitely rich in the Lord! Glad I stopeed in to see you!

  2. melanie says:

    More mindless reading while you are close to the library –> Look for _A Mile in My Flip Flops_ by Melody Carlson. Woman buys a house to gut/remodel and resell… in six weeks {called ‘flipping’ a house}. Anyway, makes me think of you with the housing issue but also the ‘hero’ tells his story of purposing to give up his former workaholic ways, build important relationships, and enjoy life more simply. {Hard to retell in a nutshell without spoiling the story for you!}

    Hope you got some good sleep! {{hugs}} and prayers ❤

  3. Tanya says:

    Beautiful quote! (in a bit of a rush this morning — not much time to comment but great post as always)

  4. Amy says:

    I see it like this…working hard, saving, and being good stewards of the talents and money God gives us is freeing. Maybe it frees us from worry–allows us to step away from survival mode and go deeper with Him. It frees us to give more…to our churches and to others who cross our path. If we try to amass as much money as we can just to keep it for our own, I think that’s wrong. But if we give freely from the bounty we have received, I believe it blesses both parties. “Freely you have received, freely give.”

    The other thought that comes to mind is that of a parent indulging a child. No, not giving in to every whim or spoiling on a daily basis. But don’t you like to give your children something special and fun once in awhile that you KNOW they’d really enjoy? When I think of our God as a warm and loving father, I think that sometimes, maybe He just wants to give us something that we will enjoy…just as a reminder of His great love for us. I have been blessed beyond measure…by a loving, forgiving, Papa God who spoils me! No, this life is not easy nor should it be taken lightly, but once in awhile I just have to think that He gives us happy little surprises along that way to ease the burden of living in a fallen world. I just want to be sure I’m watching for them so I don’t miss it…and I don’t miss the opportunity to say “Thanks”. 🙂

    I’m praying that God sends the next family who is to live in your sweet Missouri home, and that you’re led to exactly the places He has prepared for you in Arkansas. AND that your family is all together under one roof again soon! (((Hugs)))

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