Decisions, Decisions!


I once secretly considered becoming an architect … I also dreamed of being an interior designer as a young girl.  I used to draw house floor plans and then cut pictures of furniture and patterns out of catalogs to furnish them.  Moving around a lot with the Army for the first 12 years of our marriage, I got to at least live out those dreams in action on all the apartments, townhouses, and military housing we lived in. 

We haven’t moved in 8 years now … and it is time finally time again.  Funny how I thought I could “settle down” but it is still in my blood to want to MOVE.  And to draw floor plans. 


This week, we found a little house for rent in NW Arkansas that we thought had potential.  We applied to rent it … and I got to work.  I tried to draw a “to scale” model of the house on a poster board.20130711_010505

I then measured our furniture (we have A LOT of BIG furniture that we’ve accumulated over the last 20 years!) and drew it out to scale as well (in this case the scale being 1 : 0.75).  I then cut out my “furniture” and attempted to make it fit into my floor plan. 


In this case, some where around 1 a.m. this morning, my floor plan drawing helped me to realize that this little house may NOT be the one for us.  While there are some good things about it, there is a lot that just isn’t working out:  what would be the girls’ room had NO closet (seriously!); and Drew’s room, while really neat due to built-in bookcases/storage on 3 walls, just didn’t have the room for more than a twin size bed.  There was really only room in the living room for our horrendous 9 foot x 3 1/2 foot couch!  The love seat would have to go into storage along with the electric piano, Drew’s queen set of bedroom furniture (that we use for guests also), and many more bookcases …


This afternoon, we found out we are approved for this house … HOWEVER, we are going to tell the property manager NO in the morning.  I just don’t have peace about this living situation. 

Meanwhile, I found a duplex on craigslist today that looks more promising!  I called the property manager, and he offered to show it TODAY.  Well, the problem is that I’m in Missouri, and Daniel works 10 hour shifts.   So I called my new friend from the church we’ve been visiting.  She had driven me around the area earlier this week to show me “good neighborhoods” and to look for rentals … and when I called, she HAPPENED TO BE at a Wal-mart near the property for rent!!  So, she went over to look at it, and talked me through it over the phone.  Meanwhile, I also found an old listing for the place online with several pictures of it!  Built in 2007, it has a far more “modern” feel to it … and the rent is actually a little less for a little more space.  Hmmmm.  God works in mysterious ways. 

Daniel will drive by the property tonight – and if he approves, he will turn in the application for it tomorrow.  And you will find me drawing a new set of floor plans … and praying!

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3 Responses to Decisions, Decisions!

  1. I love drawing out floor plans! been making my imaginary houses for as long as I can remember.

  2. melanie says:

    Oh floor plans 😀 I drew out an entire *farm* plan when I was young! hee hee Fun to see this little house, even if you have to pass on it.
    Praying the duplex might be a better answer…

  3. Amy says:

    I literally was chuckling as I read this and saw your floorplan drawing.
    I do “almost” the same thing with every move…except each room is drawn on a sheet of graph paper and the furniture pieces are cut out from graph paper on the same scale.
    I thought I was the only one.
    Truly, we must be sisters. 🙂

    Praying that the new place is perfect!

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