I feel like I am one of those entertainers who is spinning about 12 plates off sticks – on the top of my head, in both hands, on both feet, and in my teeth!!

However, even though there is A LOT going on all of a sudden, things are falling into place along the way.  We are just hacking away at to-do’s on a steady basis.   Sadly, we’ve added the pressure of a broken-down vehicle (again) … financially and time-wise, we just didn’t need this extra burden … but the theme of my life right now is:  GOD KNOWS.

This weekend, Daniel was home and cleaned out his side of the closet.  While that doesn’t sound like too consequential of an event, to me this pile of STUFF (that went straight to the thrift store!) represents so much more.


While I think I am somewhat nostalgic due to soon moving away from the area that has been “home” for the last 11 years, this pile of clothes represents the stages of the last years too.  My husband gave away a ton of his old Army clothes.  I guess we were kind of holding on to them since we had the storage space, but really, this stuff has just been stuffed into various boxes around our house.  Still, it is kind of sad to see the boots and hats and uniforms go … We did keep one set of BDUs and some other things – for memories and just in case one of the kids needs to dress up as a soldier!


The other things we let go are a lot of dress shirts … At one point, I’m not kidding, my husband probably had over 50 dress shirts!!  He’d buy them at Goodwill, and due to my hate of ironing, this way he could wear dress shirts without me having to do so much laundry!  We also let a few suits go … Good bye, school administrator uniform.


Right now my husband is enjoying wear more casual clothes every day – just khakis and collared shirts – no ties!

We are packing in earnest now!  We’ve got 11 days until we load the Uhaul.  Despite all our efforts to de-clutter, sell, give away, and throw away, we still have a lot of STUFF.  Toys, clothes, memories, stuff.  In my mind, I am trying to figure out how to get it all into a much smaller house.  I think our house will look somewhat like this:


We just keep saying “it is only temporary” … and it certainly has fulfilled my wish to go through every room of our house and get rid of stuff!  🙂

Meanwhile, a few plates still spin overhead:   not sure when the vehicle will be fixed completely (it’s the alternator), we still don’t have a buyer for our house, we are waiting to hear the results of Daniel’s recent interview, and a few more unknowns.

If I look back though, we have come a long way … and God’s timing has been absolutely perfect.  We can continue to trust in that.


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2 Responses to Juggling

  1. Tanya says:

    We were just talking about this with someone, but when we last moved, Tim said that he never wanted to wear a tie again and to get rid of ALL the ties including the tie rack. ;o)
    We are praying, too.

  2. melanie says:

    Maybe you could hire whoever loaded that pictured room to come and help load the Uhaul?? ;D

    Praying for you!

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