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With Drew in charge of the cell phone while traveling, one never knows what pictures might appear in the gallery file:


Today our purpose for going to NW Arkansas was to sign the lease to the house that will be HOME for at least the next year.  Yet another step towards completing our transition.

Our new home is small … but we have chosen to call it cozy – and at being only 6 years old, it is a little more clean and modern than some of the other places we’ve looked at in our price range.

We’re downsizing everything – to include our living room, which will just contain our couch but not our love seat.


The kids’ bedrooms are probably 10×10 or 11×11 … And in Drew’s room, a wall protrudes out due to a closet, which makes this little nook for maybe a small desk.


The girls’ room might be a little bigger than Drew’s … and they do have a TERRIFIC, large walk-in closet with lots of storage space for clothes and toys and those special things a girl likes to hang on to!


The master bedroom isn’t much bigger, but it is adequate.  I think the builder tried to make it more master-ish by putting in a tray ceiling.  Nice try.  The only door to the back “yard” (actually just a cement slab with a little grass leading into the woods – we’ve already spotted a bunny rabbit!) is also in the master?!  That’s really weird.  But we do get our own bathroom and a pretty big walk-in closet.


The kitchen and dining area too are small … but it isn’t like I’m a gourmet cook nor do we entertain a lot.  I do like the maple cabinets … and while you can’t see it here, there is plenty of counter space and cabinets, a double sink, and a DISHWASHER (probably my #1 essential demand for a kitchen)!


(We are getting a new fridge tomorrow, a pretty brushed silver stainless steel one!  Drew was helping me measure the space where it will go.)

I am thankful for the 2 car garage, and we found attic stairs leading to more storage over the garage!  There is, of course, a linen/hall closet and a utility/laundry space, and everything we need.  So I can’t complain.

We did meet our neighbors … and I am just going to pray.  I know God gave us this house for now and put us exactly where He wants us.  Perhaps the opportunity to be the witness and less reclusive person I have desired to become may manifest itself with this family.  The wife is a disabled veteran who has battled br-ast cancer and suffers from short-term memory loss – she was pretty excited to hear Daniel was also an Army vet.  They have 2 teens; I met the daughter, and she was very friendly.  Considering that the wife hugged me when I left, I think we have made new friends.

There are some things about this living situation that aren’t ideal, and the realist in me wants to dwell on them … but overall, I think we will be JUST FINE.  Best of all, we will be TOGETHER!!  A lot CLOSER together!!  😉


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  1. Tanya says:

    Everyone else has made the comments I thought of: Clean is a great thing!!, Drew looks soooo tall measuring that for you, closets are good, etc. And, btw, dishwasher is a huge thing. I feel like I don’t cook as much as I should these days because of the quantity of dirty dishes. I have some waiting on me now. It looks like a beautiful home, and I know you can make it just right for you. I do have to say that there are times when Tim says he is going to miss our close quarters. I know what he means. At least this way, everyone is close and we know what everyone is doing and enjoy being together. Will you store things? Or purge? (Obviously, we did both!!!) I will pray for you. I know all the good things may pale in comparison to the unknowns and changes to “normal.” Hopefully, the beauty and cleanness of your new place will prevail (and you won’t have any tears — as I did — just because our “place” didn’t smell right, wasn’t truly clean, etc.).

  2. How exciting! I love a shell of a house – so much potential. I hope you find it to be cozy in a good way. I love your measuring tool. He looks so big standing under the cupboard. I’m sure the Lord has great things in store.

  3. melanie says:

    Clean and new! …and closets in each bedroom! 😀 Yay! So glad you got to see it for yourself – and meet the neighbors. God has a plan for you there.

    Yep, up waaay too late, but I am almost caught up on 3 months of personal bookkeeping :p g’night! 🙂

  4. Sara H says:

    Been wondering how you’ve been and couldn’t make another excuse when I saw your blog entry in my Tiwtter feed. This all sounds pretty exciting. I bet you will be soooo glad when everything is finally finished and settled. Will be praying about your neighbors as well.

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