News From Our New Home:

So, one year after my husband had his last day at his previous, school administrator job, we are finally ready to “move on” and “start over”!

Thankfully, Daniel has had a job again for 6 months after the period of unemployment and then his shattered leg and the surgeries and recovery that followed.

I remember the days that we dreamed of moving on, the days we wondered if we ever would, the time when things seemed really bleak, the moments when a friend would remind me that it was going to be ok, the promises of those who prayed for us … And suddenly, we are here:  moving into our new home in Northwest Arkansas, 225 miles away from the old life and all the uncertainties of the last year or so.

There are still uncertainties ahead – our house still hasn’t sold.  The kids begin their new school on August 15.  We haven’t decided where we will attend church yet, though we keep going back to a church here with a lot of potential.  Daniel hopes he can progress in his new career (he didn’t get the position he recently was interviewed for; however, considering he has only been in his current job for 6 months, he was just thrilled to be asked for an interview!).

The move here has been overall very smooth!!  So many friends have helped us – from packing up our Uhaul (TWICE!!  It took 2 trips to get everything we own down here!!) to a friend driving the truck one day (Daniel drove it the other) – and folks who helped with unloading as well.  Others have loved on our kids and spent time with them before we left Missouri, taken me out for a lunch/girls day, and just overall made our last days at our old home pleasant.  And we are thankful someone took our stray cats that we’ve really adopted in the last few years since they chose our home and family.  God continues to work out the details.

That said, it has been a lot of HARD WORK!!  Packing up a house practically by ones’ self is not for the faint of heart!!  While I am thankful Drew boxed most of our books, he spent the last few days in Missouri with friends.  All those phone calls for changing addresses with utilities, insurance, etc requires a lot of patience too … and I still worked a few hours at my previous job the very day we were to pack up our Uhaul for the first time last Friday!!

While some day I may post pictures or share the lessons we have learned about downsizing our home, I am incredibly thankful right now that our children have adapted SO WELL to our new situation.  Annie-Belle has already fixed up her and MiMi’s room so nicely – and Drew, too, has made the best of his now-smaller bedroom, finding that he still has adequate room for all his stuff.   I too am ok with downsizing my kitchen, bedroom, and life … and I’m coming up with some creative ways to store things like linens and towels coming from 3 linen closets to pretty much none.   There is one closet that might be a linen closet, but I need it for a food pantry, as the kitchen doesn’t have one.

The theme of this whole move has been SIMPLIFY.  There is a relief in simplicity … we can live and function without a lot of stuff.  And yet, I look around me, and I still have PLENTY of stuff, more than I need, more than most in 3rd world countries could even imagine!  I keep saying it is adequate … and in our case, more than likely, temporary.  We are comfortable, happy, and best of all:  TOGETHER!

Daniel goes back to work tomorrow … and the thing I am looking forward to most of all is when he comes home, we will eat dinner together, as a family, around the table!!  Something we have not been able to do regularly for the last 6 months.  🙂  This has been such a good lesson in gratefulness, in realizing what really matters, and definitely, in a way, in letting go.

Meanwhile, I am surrounded by various forms of boxes, crumpled packing paper, miscellaneous things that need to find a home or get stored away … and it all makes me very, very happy!  🙂


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4 Responses to News From Our New Home:

  1. Amy says:

    Yay! Enjoy your new home and the opportunity to simplify. I’ll continue to pray for a buyer for your MO house! And enjoy those dinners together as a family. 🙂

  2. melanie says:

    Rejoicing with you — and praying you accomplish much, while you work AND play together the next couple weeks before the school routine takes over 🙂 {happy sigh} God is good, and He is so good to us!

  3. So happy for you! What a wonderful summation to answered prayer. Enjoy those dinners and evenings together.

  4. Tanya says:

    Some days I am reminded how nice it is to have “closeness” in our home physically. It really does add to our closeness as a family. There are days when it can get to you, so then you just go do something fun out and about. :o) I am glad that you are all back together.

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