Exploring Our New Hometown


Since last Saturday, I’ve been busy trying to find a “home” for all our stuff.  Downsizing sounds great … and I’ve been glad to throw away, give away, and sell a lot of things before we moved, but at this point in our moving in that I am realizing we still have so much STUFF.  It is brain-racking to decide what to keep for our future house and what to let go.  I am trying to organize the garage and its attic, but it is hard when there are still BOXES and STUFF everywhere!!! 

So, today I gave up!  Just temporarily.  And I took the kids to the town square for the 1st Thursday of the month Farmer’s Market.  There were all kinds of interesting vendors, and it was a gorgeous late morning (mid 70s)! 


Sadly, the produce was pretty expensive, albeit I am sure it tastes so much better than what we usually buy at Aldi.   We left the square empty handed … but I am sure we will be back!



This scene reminds me so much of Germany … I loved to browse the street markets there too! 

Somehow the kids and I ended up at Chick-Fil-A for lunch … Winking smile  It just drew our car in like a magnet, besides the play place there is so nice.  I also had to run a few errands – I was in search of a spice rack – a simple, counter-top spice rack.  And would you believe there is NO SUCH THING any more any where??!  Not even in the entire of Northwestern Arkansas??!  Walmart, Target, and Kohls carry spice racks, but they already have the spices in the jars.  I just want EMPTY spice containers.  In the end, I bought a plastic food storage container with a handle that was tall enough to hold my spice bottles. 

My next project is a portable coat rack since our house doesn’t have a coat closet.  Sadly, I am on a strict budget so my options are limited – but I am sure I’ll figure something out!  Smile  We are also hitting thrift stores, maybe this weekend as we need to re-stock the kids with polo shirts for their “school uniform”.   It is also tax-free weekend here, so we’ll do our school supply shopping.  School starts on August 15 for Drew and Annie-Belle.  MiMi starts her 3 day/week (morning only) K-3 program on the 27th, and I will be helping to set up the lunchroom on those days in exchange for a discount on our tuition.  I am thankful I can stay home a while yet … and that I can at least contribute financially in this way.

Hopefully one day I can document my down-sized home and my neat-and-organized garage/storage … but until then, I have an awful lot of work ahead of me yet!!  I’m definitely trying to not to stress out about it though … we’re here to stay and have plenty of time to settle in! 

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2 Responses to Exploring Our New Hometown

  1. Sandra says:

    It’s always good to take a break away from the unpacking and moving, trust me.

    Glad you’re enjoying the new hometown.

  2. Time off in the middle of unpacking/settling is always a boost to the spirit. Looks like you had a wonderful morning together. Looking forward to reading about your further discoveries in your new location!

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